The Only Thing Worse Than AFF's Lame IM is No AFF IM  

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3/24/2006 8:54 am

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The Only Thing Worse Than AFF's Lame IM is No AFF IM

So, if you've used AdultFriendFinder's IM clients, it is not news to you that they are, uh, somewhat deficient. It's always an adventure when you launch an IM because you're never really sure if the recipient will ever get it, how long it will take to arrive if they do, and whether or when you might get a response. Or whether the standalone client will suddenly crash on you. (My tactic now is as soon as make contact with someone on AdultFriendFinder IM, right after saying hello I ask if they have AIM or YM.)

Buggy as AdultFriendFinder IM is, it still works some of the time - usually. It hasn't worked at all since last night. Are they working on it? Is it broken? If so, do they know? I would email tech support, but I only speak English, and I am not sure what the hell they speak. So instead I left a comment on the CEO's blog.

Update 2:16 pm: Hmm, all of a sudden it's working now. Well all right.

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