sexual experiences outside of marriage  

uknow69692 36M
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7/17/2006 12:21 pm
sexual experiences outside of marriage

right after i came home from iraq i had found out that my wife no longer wanted to be with ound and determined to find a piece of some strange there was this hot girl in my unit i invited her over the same night my wife had left me.i was nervous but aroused at the same time.i had been with ony my wife and had not been with another girl within five this girl showed up at my apartment expectin dinner but we soon found our selves in some intense fore play on my was like loosing your virinity all over again.she soon had asked me if i wanted to move back to the bedroom we i was poundin her deeper and harder just lettin this irl have it my wife had made her way int the apartmaent without us knowin.we were so tuned into each others every move when my wife walked into the room.we both stopped what we were doin to see how my wife was oin to react to my surrise she wasnt even angry but aroused at the fact seein her man with another woman in our bed.she came up to me and started kissing all over my back thats when i continued on with the girl from work be continued!!!

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