So far, so good  

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1/26/2006 12:33 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

So far, so good

As I expected, Trixy trixy_nj is definately getting the best out of AdultFriendFinder. While she's swamped with offers from horny guys like me, we're having to search out & approach prospective playpartners for me. Again, as expected, the response rate hasn't been huge - I think most people think it's a sly excuse for me to cheat on my wife, which I guess is understandable. Women certainly get the best value from this site...though they do have do deal with a LOT of semi-literate cavemen who obviously can't read a profile.

Anyway, on Tuesday Trixy met up at yet another adult bookstore with another guy, where she blew him twice. He has a hung friend who does porn, and they're planning on meeting for a 3-way. Trixy's quite looking forward to being DP'd. I'm insisting they take pics.

For my part I've been surprisingly successful from just meeting people locally. I also had a date on Tuesday, which came as a result of a girl emailing me via as she'd seen me at the Citadel last week, and wanted to know more. She said she's extremely sexual, and is getting pissed at having dates who didn't want to fuck. Well, always happy to oblige I made a date to meet at her house and go on to a drive-in movie (yes, they still exist!). Pretty much the moment I got through her door I had my tongue down her throat and my hand in her crotch. She certainly seemed to appreciate the aggressive approach, which I broke off briefly to give her a good spanking because of some sarcastic comments she made about my age (she's 24). This was followed by what I can only describe as a damned good skull-fucking, until I blew my load down her throat.

Having made her eyes water, we proceeded to the drive-in movie. We got nice and comfy in her car, and played with each other under the blankets. However, apparently the place enforces a pretty strict family atmosphere, so we couldn't actually fuck. After the movies (Narnia and Hoodwinked - **SEE HOODWINKED!!!**) we went back to her place where I gave her the solid fucking she'd been craving. For a man of my advanced years I performed pretty darned well - got it up three more times! It even impressed me.

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