An Introduction...  

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6/16/2006 9:59 am

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An Introduction...

I guess you can say I'm bi-curious... although the term bisexual I'm not sure applies to me. For one, I'm not physically attracted to men. I don't see a man walk by me in the mall and think "damn he's fine!" or see a celebrity on TV and wonder what he looks like naked. I *am* very much attracted to women and rarely does an attractive woman walk by that I don't have to take a look. I think I understand bisexuality to mean if you were willing to have a full love relationship with both a man and a woman, but I could be wrong. If we aren't in an intimate situation, then it's just someone to hang out with, I guess I would see them as any straight male would see another male. But if it's also about the intimate moments then I *am* bi-curious. I'm interested in masterbating while another guy masterbates with me. I'm interested in masterbating another guy while he masterbates me... And if I'm comfortable enough I'm interested in oral. And I'd even go as far as to say I'd do more if the comfort level is there. But the only thing I can honestly say I'm interested in right now is jo.

I do have *some* experiences... as a kid me and my friends would jo together to magazines. I had one friend that we did bj each other. And yes a few times we did attempt anal although we were unsuccessful. Then once the girls were more willing to do stuff we quit doing it together. My last experience was in high school a friend of mine jo'd me but that was it. Because I'm married, having a friend like this would be great because then we could do whatever we wanted to do and get back to hanging out. We could hang out with our friends and relatives and just be friends without anyone thinking any different, no drama, no complications, just helping each other get off... so I'm going to keep a journal here of my search for this person.

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6/16/2006 11:20 am

Good luck in your search. You sound like you have the right attitude to attract some new friends. Keep us posted!

bodyboy10002 46M

6/16/2006 12:03 pm

well girl i really didn't have your experince of your bi-sexual meet and if i didi get you right then you are married and how do oyu match up with your husban then if you ahad prefer the striaght line of relationships.else i did not get you clearly then make it clear to me ok?

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