We finally let it all hang out,and loved it!!!!  

txcplisofun2 50M/44F
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7/17/2005 6:26 pm

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5/21/2006 1:34 pm

We finally let it all hang out,and loved it!!!!

Well, we figured we better write something,it's been a while....We have been home nudist's for a while now,but have never been to a nude beach or resort. Until last Sunday.We went to Hippe Hollow park at Lake Travis,in Austin,Texas,And we had a blast.We really enjoyed being totally nude in front of everyone that was there,and we surprisingly very comfortable with it.We met some very nice people and had alot of fun.We enjoyed it so much,that we went back again on Tuesday.And we plan on returning tommorrow, July 18th,if the weather holds out.It's 82 miles from our house,but well worth the drive..People,if you have ever been the least bit curious about being a nudist or naturist,you owe it to yourself to give it a try.There are many places throughout the country that have nude beaches and resorts..Although Hippie Hollow is the only legal clothing optional park/beach in the state of Texas. There are several private nudist resorts in Texas,though and we plan on visiting some of them as soon as we can.The one thing that we really find interesting, is the fact that nudist do not judge people on their looks or skin color.There are people of all ages, sizes,race and color and they all come together in one very fun and peaceful setting.We are very glad to add this new chapter to our lives and think that we will have so much fun and meet so many new and wonderful people.it is a wonderful lifestyle and you don't have to be rich or famous to enjoy it..So Get naked and go for a swim or just lay on the beach and let the sun,warm your nude body.It is unlike anything that you have ever tried before....Well, until next time......

twonudes 68M/67F

7/19/2005 1:58 pm

J & J-we've been to the "hollow" numerous times....but lately,it's been a peepshow by wandering "textiles"-with clothes on-a bunch of Japanese tourists came through with cameras one day! Then there are the single Mexicans-men-who sit close and just plain leer at we women...my husband had to chase one off who was masturbating! We live close to Waco and like to party-have drinks,dance nude,hot tub,etc.-but haven't found a couple we hit it off with...we are both professionals and have to be very discrete....it is such a liberating feeling just being nude around folks of like minds...where is a good club/bar/meeting spot in Waco? we are in our early 50's and nice looking. Social smokers/light drinkers....both college grads....some of the other nudist clubs are great-we've visited several over the years....D & D

txcplisofun2 50M/44F
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7/22/2005 5:50 pm

D & D , I'm not real sure about the clubs or bars,in the Waco area,We don't go to them very often.We shoot pool from time to time,But our work has been keeping us pretty busy,and here lately,when we're not working,we've been at H.H..... We have found that a really good spot is down below the second restroom...That is where a lot of the regulars hang out, so there aren't usually too many gawkers in that area.We've had an excellent time every time we've been,although we did encounter some gawkers on our first visit,but since we've been going to the other spot, they haven't bothered us...We actually live south of Waco, in Eddy, very close to I 35...We are very laid back and easy going,and aren't hung up on the way people look,we are more interested in a sense of humor and personality.We enjoy meeting new people and making new friends,both in and out of the bedroom,and we are always interested in meeting other nudist and naturist.If we both had our way,we would never wear clothes, lol, I can't stand them...We havent visited any nudist clubs or resorts yet,but that is a very high priority on our list....

mrweasel777 58M

10/18/2005 1:00 pm

Grew up around Hippy Hollow. It has changed over the years. Before the county took it over it was free land. Sex on the beach was common place, fun but not very safe. Now they have spotters throughout the park with cell phones and walkie talkies reporting any violations. It is a much safer and cleaner enviroment now, and we feel safe while there.

If you want a treat try Marshal Ford, also a nude beach on Travis, but not under county control. It's free and secluded and less known than the Hollow. Also more couples than single men go there. Then there is Barton Springs Pool, it lies in the heart of Zilker Park and you are allowd to go topless. The pool is fed from an underground spring and is a frfrfreeeezzzzing 60 degrees year round.

Have not found any spots around Waco where you can sunbathe nude. (Take that back, found one spot, my court case is on Friday) <grin>

txcplisofun2 50M/44F
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10/24/2005 9:47 pm

Thanks, mrweasel777, We are always looking for new spots,We'd be interested in finding out more on the spots that you mentioned..Never heard of them, but would be interested in getting directions, especially to Marshal Ford.....Thanks for the info....Jerry and Julie......

rm_Slurrystar 53M

9/6/2006 2:55 pm

"textiles", LOL, that's a new one.

I've only recently discovered that I really like being nude outdoors, unfortunately my wife does not. Alas, I'll have to settle for my backyard. Thanks for speaking up about the pleasures of feeling free!

cowboylooking76 42M

1/19/2007 12:18 pm

Do ya'll check your blog postings still? Will be in your area in March and would be interested in hooking up.

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