moral indignation and guilt  

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12/31/2005 2:27 pm

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moral indignation and guilt

three in one day, i wonder if thats allowed, but i am literally(for the time being) on an island,i guess throwing bottles in the water is tolerated.

i'm married, i don't feel like sharing with everybody why i stay that way, or why i know telling her about my postings here is not going to improve either her or my situation.

i have been chasticed for this both in groups and chatting, and i carry little guilt over it as it was the best choice out of the options that i considered, and i'm very good at considering all aspects of a situation,i even take into account things that will probably never happen.

marriage may hold a sanctity for some, but coming from a "broken home", and this being my second wife, i hold the opinion that a real bonding has nothing to do with legal paperwork or anyone elses approval.

my chagrin stems from this:

there are those who cut a hole in the sheet so that they may procreate without being exposed to the evils of the flesh, there are those who would who would run down the street in a holy terror were they to view the pics on here, and those that would just smirk at someone who was a member of this site.

it seems as though are some pretty diverse and often socially unacceptable practises being talked about here that i mistakenly assumed would make those that practised them a little more understanding of other practises that society shuns.

i don't think anybody who mixes food with sex,or enjoys sucking on someones toes is any better or worse than anyone who uses toys or likes to record the moment.i just think that they are just a tad different from most of the population and that they are not doing to or with someone anything that is not non-consenual or life threatening.

i don't make judgements about someone elses decisions or tastes because i am not in that persons head nor are they any of my business. i may choice not to associate with those whose tastes i find offense, but i do not make judgemental remarks.

but we all know that the world would be a better place if everybody just thought and acted like us.

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