Sweet Lips (Those Between Her Legs)  

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4/3/2006 2:42 am

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Sweet Lips (Those Between Her Legs)

When W. is traveling out of town, as she is now, I do get horny for her. Especially her lips.

W. has very sweet lips, and I love to go down on her. Probably the longest I've spent between her legs is an hour -- and that was only when she had too much too drink on couldn't quite cum! Or last week, when she took a prescription pain killer an hour before sex (and didn't tell me!). Giving her oral sex is more than half the fun of sex for me...I love the taste and smell of a woman, the softness of her pussy, and the way she guides her hips toward the tip of my tongue. And after all this time, I know her well and what she likes -- running circles around her clit with the tip of my tongue, while my finger gently rubs it from it from the inside. I read somewhere that the G-spot feels like three little ridges from the inside of a pussy, and it's so true with her...I can hit that magic spot every time, without fail.

We laugh about faking orgasms, because there's no way she can fake her body's reactions. I can feel her muscles pushingand convulsing on my finger and mouth when she cums. She figures that she's had an orgasm about 99% of the time we've had sex -- because going down on her until she cums is always on the menu. And I just like knowing I can make her feel that way.

Sometimes she shaves down there, sometimes she doesn't. I like the surprise. I probably prefer her smooth, but besides the fact it's a hassle for her to keep it up, not doing it regularly makes it a special treat when she does.

We've played with others, and I've enjoyed going down on all the women I've been with, but there's something to be said about the sweetness that is yours to keep.


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