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4/3/2006 1:59 am
Sexual Play

Not much to say tonight, other than hello and come back frequently.

This blog will follow our own sexual exploration, with each other and others, and a soon-to-be launched web site devoted to couples who want to add excitement to their sex life. Although we're probably already talking to the converted here -- or should I say perverted!! lol.

W. is the female member of Two4play -- the sexy one. M. is the male member and the one who will write most.

I just read about a study from a university in California that found out that men who help out around the house are more attractive to their partners than men who rarely or never pitch in. Does that mean if we men do laundry, we'll get laid more often??!! Honey, where are those dirty clothes?

Women, would you agree with that study?

W. travels weekly for her job, so our playtime is limited to 3 days a week. We just had the last of the children (now adults) move out of the house, so we can screw anywhere in the house now, and leave the porn videos out at night! Time to have some fun again. She's gone until Tuesday, so nothing juicy to write about at this moment.

Keep on playing,


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