Justice? The Reason for My Question...  

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4/18/2006 5:44 pm
Justice? The Reason for My Question...

I'm still absorbing this news -- not quite sure how to process this one...read on, this is a freaky story...

A little background. For the past six years, I've been the significant support for 2 families -- my wife and 2 teenage stepdaughters (23 and 20 now, respectively) and my ex and son, the last two to the tune of $35,000 a year...and no, I wasn't making 6 figures when I got divorced. My second wife or stepdaughters haven't gotten a fricken penny from the father of the girls since he dumped the youngest stepdaughter on us 6 years ago. My wife only has a GED and limited income herself.

I had to declare bankruptcy after my divorce, and I'm buried in debt again trying to take care of my three children. All three are doing well, including one stepdaughter with bipolar disorder (which is why he dumped her), so I do feel I made a difference. But I've seriously contemplated suicide many times, and still am, so that my wife can collect my life insurance money and pay off all the debts and support herself. If we'd gotten even a modest amount of support from the deadbeat, we'd be okay...not well off, but okay.

To top it off, I had a heart attack, open heart surgery and lost my job last year, and we're collapsing financially now because my only real choice at my age is self-employment, and I'm earning only 40% of what I'd made before.

Anyway, I was blowing off steam last night to my wife, and mentioned (for the few-hundredth time) how much I hate the bastard deadbeat and wished he'd get his justice for abandoning the girls.

Well, she tells me when I get up today that the bastard was in an accident last night (he's a truck driver) and, for now, paralyzed. What's ironic is that even though we live in Texas and he lives in Washington state, he had the accident here and is in the same hospital where I had my heart surgery -- 10 minutes away. My wife and stepdaughter just went to pick up the bastard's wife at the airport and take her to the hospital.

This one is just too weird. My anger says it couldn't happen to a more deserving fellow, but that's not normally the type of person I am. I'm just failing financially and I'm angry at him for not supporting his kids and putting us through financial hell which is never ending. Even worse, he fathered two more children with his new wife and still has 3 kids at home who are under 18, so I feel very sorry for them.



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