Hitting Her G-Spot  

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4/16/2006 3:55 pm
Hitting Her G-Spot

Last week, while giving my wife an erotic massage, I did something new and she had an orgasm in 10 minutes (quick for W.). and I didn't even go down on her. She asked me afterwards where I came up with the technique; I didn't even know, but I thought I'd pass it along...I'm curious it it would work on other women (for swinging) or if I just happen to touch W. the right way that night.

For my wife, her G-spot is insider her vagina, about two inches from the outside on the outside edge. My wife's G-spot is easy to find...it feels like three or four small ridges, kind of like what I'd image feeling gills on a shark. When I gently push on it, I definitely feel a bump I don't feel elsewhere inside her.

Anyway, she was laying on her stomach while I gave her a massage. As I always do, I started stroking her pussy and clit a little bit. Only this time, I took a little lubricant, reached inside her pussy, and started gently massaging and pushing down on her g-spot. Coming in from the back made it very easy to reach and keep up a steady pressure.

She started moaning soon after that, so I continued to apply gentle pressure while I put my other hand underneath her clit and began rubbing there, too. She helped by grinding her crotch into her hand, and she had an intense orgasm very soon after. I was surprised -- usually I end up going down on her with my tongue for a good 20 minutes before she cums.

Women, is your g-spot just as sensitive and easy to reach, or did I just get lucky that night...lol...in more ways than one. We play with other couples on occasion and I'm eager to try this, but I don't want to waste my time, if this would do nothing for another woman.


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