An Erotic Fantasy for Lovers...  

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4/17/2006 1:34 pm
An Erotic Fantasy for Lovers...

You are lying next to him, wearing your red lingerie set and black stockings. You look so beautiful and sexy, and I know he's taking in all of you with his eyes. You kiss him passionately, rubbing your hands through his hair. His hands begin to wander, stroking your back, squeezing your breasts, fondling your gorgeous ass. You lean up on your elbows, kissing his chest, licking his nipples with your tongue. Then you go down further, stroking his balls with your nails. I can imagine how he's feeling, because I know how much I love it when you do that to me. While you do that, you're hoping I'm watching and getting hard, taking in the sight of what you look like when we make love. You bend over and begin licking him, pulling to make him harder.

He turns you around and asks you to put your pussy to his mouth. You don't like the position, but you see me watching out of the corner of your eye, and you get turned on by my glance. The two of you stay in 69 for awhile, your hips moving to his tongue, your mind racing with the knowledge that I get turned on when you're on top like that. And know that I love how sexy you are, how free you feel to be a woman.

Then you turn around for me kissing. He rolls over on you and begins to play with your breasts. You close your eyes and push your chest up, imagining me doing the same thing to her. You begin to envision it all, and you grow wetter. He goes down on you, and you're envisioning me kissing her deeply, tongue to tongue, while I slowly massage her clit with my fingertips. You're getting aroused with your mind, and it begins to feel great. Now you see me putting my head between her crotch, letting her look at me while my tongue slowly encircles her clit. He puts on a condom to penetrate you; you spread your legs, imagining me fucking her hard. You hear her moaning and gasping, and his penetration feels great. The two of you kiss deeply as her moans become stronger, and in a few minutes you both cum.

You give him a kiss and say "let's join them." My head is between her legs and the two of you lay on each side. You begin to kiss her on the lips and neck, moving next to her nipples. You have a great view of everything I'm doing, and he's taking in the site of his wife getting all the attention. She reaches up, gently grabs you head and brings your lips to hers. The two of you kiss long and deep, broken only by the sighs she can't control anymore...while her husband squeezes her breasts. She's grinding her hips into my lips, pushing harder every time your tongues touch. Finally, she stops kissing you and cums in a huge smile at the sight of her juices on my mouth. You whisper something to her and you both laugh.

After she catches her breath, she looks at me and says "it's your turn." She gets me up and tells me to lay down next to you. She puts her lips to my dick as I feel your lips meet mine. Our tongues touch and I feel the passion and love that I always long for, you tug at my hair and rub your nails around my neck. With my eyes closed, and focused on you, I get rock hard. You turn your head to watch as her tongue runs up and down my dick, then she puts her lips around me, going up and down fast. Standing behind her is her man, rubbing her wet pussy. You lean over and get a want to see me fuck her and cum inside her. She puts it on and gets on love being so close. You stroke her hair as she lays on top of me, she turns and the two of you kiss again. I cum at the sight of your lips together.

It would seem the night is over, but you and her aren't done. When she gets off me, you take her hand and lead her to the other bed. After some gentle kisses, you move down to her breasts, encircling her hard nipples with your wet tongue. Her hand touches your breasts the moves down to your crotch...your already wet again from watching me and her. The two of you reposition yourselves in 69 while he and I watch. Then you switch, with you going down on her first, and she returning the favor. He and I both get aroused, watching the women we love enjoying each other's pussies. I'm rubbing my dick at the sight, wanting you, desiring you, loving your sexiness. You glance over to me, see me getting aroused, and get even more turned on. You both make the other cum and end with an embrace.

You whisper something and she motions to her husband to come to her. She spread her legs and he enters her. Instead of getting up, you sit next to them on the other half of the bed, massaging his balls and her pussy and he slowly moves in and out. I come up behind you and begin rubbing your shoulders and running my hands through your hair. You get up, tell me to lay down next to her, then you mount me. All four of us lay together, fucking our partners, cuming one more time as we lay skin to skin.

We eventually leave and talk about what we liked that night on the way home. We take a bath and, while we're relaxing, we kiss passionately again. When we dry off, I go down on you, doing what I love, enjoying your sweet juices and beautiful pussy. You're still wet down there and my lips are soaked in your sweetness. You cum one last time. You pull me up and say "you'll never know how much I love you." Then we lay as spoons, cuddling in the warmth, as we drift off to sleep.

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