Someone give me some answers!!!  

twiztidjuggalo66 41M
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4/29/2006 5:46 pm

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4/30/2006 3:55 pm

Someone give me some answers!!!

How come nothing seems fair to me?
How come the world has me scared to be?
Why can't people walk alone?
How come every time the phone rings, it's the fuckin' bone?
How come times always leavin' me dry?
Why do all the wise men cry?
How come there ain't enough for everyone?
How come you can't take back the shit you've done?
How come broke people, they stay more
Richies get more and bolt-lock the doors?
How come everyone has panic attacks?
We need pills just to chill and relax
How come we always jumpin' off soo quick?
Why's the air we breath always makin' us sick?
How come the news always trying to scare you?
Suicide bombers standing near you
How come new shit becomes old soo fast?
How come everything was soo much fresher in the past?
How come we all supposed to act a certain way?
Why we always watch the shit we say?
How come people like to start shit?
How come that little kid's heart quit?
How come all the good is soo out of reach?
Why is there broken glass on the beach?
How come fine hoes are always the meanest?
Across from you, the grass is the greenest.
What's the good drive, you didn't succeed
Out of all, you got there ain't nothing you need
How come nobody remembers your name?
And every page you turn, it's the same
How come everybody else got plenty?
Is your glasses half full or half empty?

VelvetVise 53F

9/29/2007 11:32 pm

This is great!

Questions most can't or won't answer.

The world is just all fucked up!

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