Some people....  

twistednknox 48M
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7/8/2006 4:17 am
Some people....

Yanno...I just don't get it. Some people click on your profile, read it, look at your pictures, then have the friggin nerve to start sending you messages calling you sick, perverted, and a disgrace.

Hells sweet bells, of course I'm perverted! Sick? Hrm...dunno bout that, my Doc says I'm pretty healthy other than some allergies. Disgrace? I think the disgrace is to seek someone out, discover they aren't what you are looking for, and then to just insult them repeatedly until you feel better about yourself.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I thought this site was for "adults" who were looking for sex, swinging, and fun! I certainly realize that I'm not what everyone wants to play with...thank god! I'd never get anything done *evil grin* Just do me a favor, if you don't like the pics I posted, move the hell on and quit obsessing with sending me hate mail.

Meh..enough of ranting.

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