Gripping... or Griping  

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3/20/2006 8:03 pm

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Gripping... or Griping

So, I'm a Texan. And, yea, snow is pretty darn cool.

Ok, down right cold!

The past few snow falls here have been a nifty little novelty for me... saving a few wee problems.

My car gets iced shut!

Its like the vehicle is trying to teach me a lesson for leaving it out in the cold, or something. I wanted to gass it up today... I pulled the lever to release the gas door, then walked around to it only to find it was covered in ice! Egad! I had to pound on the door to crack up the ice, then use my keys to get the frozen ice out from the crack surrounding the gas door. Then, I had to open the trunk and use the hand lever there and pound on the door at the same time to get it to pop open!

What an experience!

In fact, I didn't realize I needed an ice scraper until after I walked out of work a week ago and had to wipe snow off my window with my bare hands....


I went skiing last weekend though
I love skiing! The slopes here are sooo much better than what I'm accustomed to. Not that there's much to ski on in Texas.

Any way. Colorado is such a beautiful place... still glad I came.

What do you think, should I "take advantage" of the snow being a novelty and, oh, go all the way - make my first snow ball and stick it in my freezer as a memoir?

Here's an idea for an strange business... send snowballs to houston so that they can enjoy it as much as I do..?

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