past the big meal.  

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1/30/2006 2:59 pm

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past the big meal.

so,here i go.again on my own.....(remember THE WHITESNAKE?)big meal is passed.i should have had time to concentrate on the reflecting impulse.but having been home with my daughter two days i really concentrated on my actual reality.neither now i feel that much daughter wanted to see me and i had her dining with me.i'm doing my best as a father.A great father.
as for the big meal.....
what to say.she just rang me ten minutes ago.i knew discussions.the hard ones.'cause it was also a matter of talking.but in between during those 24 hours....hunger,thirst of the other one's body..has been always.should it be once twice or three times.the body feeling is so deep...what i the "after".even if i admit..i chose to go work just after the "24HOURS"with the smell of her on my body.she did the hands,mouth,body emenating her sweat ,juice,perfume.i realized it when at work some guys and women witha good sense of smell came near me.i saw thier faces.when they realized that just 30 minutes before we were still ribbing and licking our juices on was so natural for me to keep it on me.thinking that noibody even recognized it.but some did.and their face wasn't of the ones who agree...who gives a damn.i have my life.let the others keep their own!!!!

catseyes23 62F

1/31/2006 11:18 am


Thought provoking Blog. I'm back with a vengeance!


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