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This story was told to me in 1993 by a mutual friend of the parties involved. Although living in the same regional city as the events, I never managed to meet either on the women involved...

It started with a visit to my health club. I noticed an attractive young woman in the locker room with me. She had just stepped out of the shower and was wearing a towel.

I was amazed at how beautiful she was. I countn't keep my eyes off her. I was so transfixed by her that I didn't notice how wet my pussy was getting. I walked up to her and introduced myself. Her name was J and after making small talk for a while, I asked her back to join me for a drink. She agreed without blinking an eyelid, and boy was I psyched.

After a few drinks, I asked her to come home with me. "I'd love to," was the response so we drove to my apartment. After sitting in the living room for a while, J went to use the bathroom. On her return, she put one hand on my thigh, the other on the back of my head, and pulled me to her.

Our lips touched, and we kissed passionately for several minutes. J sucked my tongue and licked the roof of my mouth. She pulled each of my lips into her mouth and her tongue caressed my teeth, then slid into the depths of my throat.

My hands could not resist touching her. I massaged her left breast through the thin material of her t-shirt. Her braless boob felt soft and silky, filling my hand completely. I slid my hand under her t-shirt to feel her bare skin; my heart raced.

As her breathing quickened, I tugged on her nipple and rubber her tiny bumps. Within moments both our tops were off, cast aside, dropped to the floor. J's warm hands felt wonderful on my tits. She bent her head, and took one of my breasts into her moist mouth. She wrapped her arms around my waist and continued to suck me. Her dancing tongue and nibbling teeth made me tingle.

Before I could respond, she slid to the floor, between my legs, and began to kiss my bare thighs. I slipped off my shorts and thong so J could bury her face in my pussy. I moaned loudly as her warm breath ran across my moist lips.

She bought her hand up to my pussy and spread my lips with her fingers, driving her tongue into my wetness. My back arched and I grabbed her head as she pushed her face further into my open box. J inserted her tongue deeper into my hole and licked my inner walls.

My body started to quiver when she reached my clit. First she rolled it between her fingers like a marble. When her tongue flicked over it, it was more than I could take, as soon I was bucking and humping her face in orgasmic pleasure.

When I was finished, J crawled up onto the lounge, and nestled in each other's arms, kissing gently. A short while later, my boyfriend came home to find his partner with another woman, naked on the lounge. I guess by the smile on his face, it didn't bother him too much.

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