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11/16/2005 2:50 am

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Hmmmm.those words come across on an IM,,,"Cyber?"
I don't know.Does it work for you? Does it work better with pictures?I have different feelings about it at different times.
When I'm all horned out...yeah maybe it's not so bad, but still.....ehh.
It's hard to type and stroke and imagine all at the same time, and somewhere lurking in the back of my mind is the thought"are you really who you say you are".I mean are you a guy (nothing against gay or bi men now, my best friend is gay), or are you to young or to old or you know....just not who you say you are.
And then there's the climax.When do I cum?Do we cum together?Will I finish first and be bored, or will you finish first and leave me with a raging hard on. Should I be polite and continue talking even if you're not getting me off, and are you doing the same.
So many questions...who knew.

What about's a lot like cyber except you have to jugle a receive now.OOps dropped you hang on a sec...or hey can I get this other line real right back promise.And caller I have a nut calling my house every night looking to get off..

I guess I'll stick to old fashioned face to face or back to face (as the case may be) sex.

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