lifestyle my ass  

ttownbeast 41M
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3/31/2006 2:24 am
lifestyle my ass

I was basically told by an A F F member not too lnag ago that my friends were not part of the "lifestyle" because I wished to have them accompany me to a party since they were not A F F members.

I have come to the conclusion that he is not part of any "lifestyle" himself but more self serving as I have seen in a lot of the males who are part of couples in this site basically trying to find what gets them off while protecting thier territories just like any good alpha male would in a wolf pack. Theres a lot of greed isn't there I was a couple here for a short time myself, but I didn"t think like that at all and I still see it no one ever believes what I say when I tell em till it's too late anyhow so I am gonna stop trying.

In so long there has only been a few who believed me that I have known longer than A F F and some of them still work to earn my trust after years. But they listen when I have something to say and they take the advice as it is and respect my honesty and experience.

I give respect to people from the start if it is not given back then those who dont can simply go fuck themselves

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