New here, here's some insight on how I think.  

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2/17/2006 8:59 am

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New here, here's some insight on how I think.

I get up in the morning and go thru my routine, I'm feeling strange, as if still asleep. I can hear something screaming at me from somewhere saying "You are not who you are suppose to be"
and my favorite "What have you done to yourself?". I'm a realist and I believe this to be the first signs of depression for me. I've lived a long enough life to realize slight changes in my personality, and general happiness.

In my opinion the world is on it's way to hell, not because of the US and it's policies or some fools in some secret shadow government bent on bringing about World War 3, but because people in general are selfish and we as a species have forgotten that. Think about it man's most basic survival techniques eat, live, and procreate in themselves create the need for selfishness; we are banded in tribes together based on race, religion, geography, and mindset, but it still leads to the fact that in all these divisions the need to place one needs before others whether it's a group doing this or an individual.

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