What a blast  

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9/1/2006 8:04 pm
What a blast

Ok so I go to this shrink right - and it was so much fun- I could tell him everything and I knew that I didn't have to "play a role". I didn't have to be the person that my parents think I am or I didn't have to play the mom role- And I didn't have to play the part of this career women.

It was cool just to be nobody. I also can't believ that the short version of my story fit into an hour and 10 min. Kind of sad I guess, but wow- when I left there I felt so good - so many secrets were out in the open and so many feelings that NO OTHER PERSON on this earth knows.

I highly recomend it for anyone who just wants to take a load off their mind. He really didn't give advice or anything- he asked a few questions along the way- but once I started talking it was like I couldn't shut up.

Towards the end I asked him if he thought I was crazy- ( he was so easy to talk to) we were joking around some of the time and I cried durning some parts too- but al and all he told me that I was not crazy.. YEAH!!!! straight from the good doctor him self.

SO anyway- it the big holiday before teh end of summer and I am not doing a damm thing. I have nothing to do. Tonight the hubby went grocery shopping, tomorrow he is going to give blood and sunday after church he is going to fantasey football draft. And monday we both have nothing to do.

Next week bowling starts up again. I really should be more excited about it and maybe as it gets closer I will but right now .. not so much. I want to bowl, I mean it is the the one a month I get to get out of the house and hang out with other adults, I think I look at it a little as a slap in the face because the hubby considers it our "date night". IT's a fun night out with friends, but I would not rank it up as a date night.

Life at home is almost back to normal- still a little bt of the cold shoulder. but nothing I can't handle. In another month or so hubby will be all back to normal I am sure of it.

So everyone have a great labor day weekend- and be safe and happy.

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