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4/16/2006 5:50 pm

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Thursday thru Sunday

Thursday- the hubby was off from work taking care of the kids because the daycare was closed. Everything was going great until 2:30 when hewas going to pick up the oldest from school and had the 11 month old in the van and right in the middle of an intersection the tie rod goes out on one of the tires. He calls me at work - I leave to go an pick up the the one kid from school and by then he and the baby got a ride in the poloce car back to teh house and the tow truck had the van in tha driveway. I called a friend of ours who fixes cars and he said it would be 99- 125 to fix it and he could stop over after work.

well not only did the tie rod break but also the axel so add another 125 to teh price plus labor so 300 dollars later all fixed ready to go. still need to get it a front end allignment.

So thursday night the parents show up and the stress level goers up- give the kids a bath-put them to bed entertain the parents for a while
and off to bed.

Friday get up at 5:00 to go into work early to make up time from thursday work through lunch only to find out that everyone else is leaving at 12:00 noon. I stay until 2:00 and think I have a few hours maybe I will go shopping for some summer clothes or maybe something nice to wear for Easter Sunday.

Get into the dressing room and my cell phone rings it's my mom- she had teh kids pictures taken and they were all so good that she couldn't deside which ones to get. So no trying clothes on today- I head home. GO with her to look at the photos- come home and hubby goes to work out at the YMCA. I really thought since we had a FREE babysitter he would ask me to go with him to work out or maybe out to a movie. SO I was pretty much giving him the silent treatment all day SAT.

Ok so it's sat. go to W.W. the stress of the past weekend and the stress of this secret life up 1.6 lbs. I am going to starve myself after sunday. GO to Khols ( with mom in tow) and buy a skirt for easter. by two other things but only becuase she said they looked good on me they will be going back as soon as I can. Easter egg hunt on sat afternoon help set up and my son had a blast. Hubby and grandpa took him to a park afterwards will mom and I took the baby home for a nap. Made up easter baskets and made cake for dessert. Later that night hubby wants to go see a movie ( he finally got the hint) so I look in the paper and list off all the movies in Racine, Kenosha and Oak creek he doesn't want to see nay of them- Once again the jester but no follow through So we stay home and watch the net flix movie with grandma & grandpa.

Sunday morning- hunt for easter baskets- eat lots of candy- go to church - go to brunch and back home - MOM & Dad pack up the car and head back home. Thank ful for their help with the kids and everything but also happy to have my house and life back to somewhat normal.

So now tomorrow I am off from work as daycare is still closed. Working out MOnday night hard- need to get back on track. Wednesday going to dinner with friend. BUt the rest of the week should be normal.

And for those of you who asked what I desided to do- I am going to continue with what I am doing and see if the situation works it's self out.

Everything happens for a reason... SO lets see wher ethis goes...

zuluwise 36M

4/19/2006 4:05 pm

so red..............

i have to ask........

how goes the search for a boy toy?

i would really like to chance to converse about this topic with you.

if you have already filled this need then thats fine, consider this request a notch in your belt to feel good about being wanted.

Bluto1965 53M

4/21/2006 1:01 pm

Hi True red. Wow what a week. I do understand what you are going through. And really hope to get to meet you.
Hang in there baby, better days are coming.

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