Thursday night softball  

true_red1000 46F
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5/4/2006 7:36 pm
Thursday night softball

The hubby is a manager and plays on a softball team on thursday nights. Afterwards the team goes out to the bar that sponsors them.

I sit here at my computer checking my emails
writing emails, thinking about the my secret life
when all of a sudden - I think what if he is hitting on a girl at the bar...

And I start laughing to myself. The hubby is so into the his sports that I would bet my life he is sitting at the table with all the guys and going over the states of the game.

Anyway- I have had some good time and some not so good times this week.

If everything goes the way I want it to go in the next couple of weeks I will be a very happy girl.

But I know how life like to take it's little turns on me and then say - Ha take that!!!

So I got an email from coffee guy- some of you who read previous blogs before they were hidden may remember him. I had to answer the email- For a couple of reasons- #1 I can't ever let this guy know that he hurt me- so I feel like I have to play the- oh life is great and how are you game.

#2- From the tone of his email I feel like him getting back with his old girlfriend may not be going as smooth as he had hoped.

#3 - I want to rub it in his face a little that I have another guy who is making me feel more desired than he ever did. I guess I jsut want to finally stand up to a guy who know represents all those jocks in high school who wouldn't date the smart girl.

Is this so wrong???

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