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4/21/2006 7:19 pm
My life

So lets see where should I start. Work is getting a little weird. I really need to get my mind on track and try and find something else. The people I work for a re so out of touch with what is going on around them. Next monday at work we are having a sexual harasment meeting. Which of coarse I will sit through and look like everyone else listening and signing the sheet of paper that say we know it's wrong to say something to another co-worker that could in anyway be sexual. BUt I wonder how many other people in the room will be thinking thoughts like
what if you want someone to say you look nice in that outfit or what if you brush up againist someone in the elevator.

Well by looking at the people that I work with I would say less than 5%. They are all so uptight and need to chill that you could freeze water on most of their asses.

This dating stuff is a lot of fun. I really enjoy the phone calls and emails and meeting at secret times and in secret places. It is becoming such a relaxing part of my day.

I don't feel like the only reason that a guy would want to be with me is just the sex anymore- which is good- I know I can't go through another coffee guy relationship again.

Next week will be my 9 year wedding anniversary. And we say that we started dating in 1986 so that makes 20 years with the same guy.
then if you want to count the many years we played together as kids on the same street
that would be 31 years I have been around the same person. I know when I see really old people who ar eon tv because they have been together for 60 or 75 years- they either seem truly in love or that they just have been together that is was comfortable for them, why change what isn't broken.

Well since Oct when I started this other life of mine I have always said I am not changing my life I am just adding to it. But I really like this life it has grown on me. I am looking forward to a wonderful and great summer. I think I am truly ready to come out of my shell
and see what this big world has to offer.

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