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3/4/2006 11:15 am

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A post I can Share...

You know not all my post are about this on-line site thing...

Just a regular sat morning- Got up at 5:30 took a shower had a cup of hot choclate, flipped through one of about 10 magazine and catalogs that I haven't got around to looking at lately, The baby started to cry around 6:45 so I got her up and spent some mom & daughter time together. That was really nice- one person right now who could care less whats going on in life as long as she gets feed and changed she's good

Son got out of bed at 7:15 so gave him some pancakes and he's a zombie in front of the tv.

Got dressed and wasout the door by 7:30. First stop W.W. ( This usally starts the tempo to the weekend) lost 2.4 - ok it's going to be a good day- filled the care up with gas and was in line at the Emissions place before 8:00 when they open. Read a little of another mag. I grapped on the way out of the house.

Car passes, Yeah, so get my sticker and a way I go. A quick stop off at the grocery store for a few items and home by 9:05.

Of coarse kids still in their pj's - so I get them dressed and load up the bags and off to the YMCA for tumbling class. The son gets to his class and sits right next to the cutest blonde girl and says " Hi ( fills in his name here) What's your name? I smiled so big - great he's off to the right start- he's not going to be shy like his dad.

And now we are home and everyone is napping - great start to the day so far don't you think?

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