33 hours but who's counting...  

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3/29/2006 7:13 pm

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33 hours but who's counting...

As far back as I can remember Birthdays have alwqays been a big deal in my family.. All becuase of my mom. I know I have a lot of bad feeling towards here but this is one thing she did right. A birthday is a REALLY big deal to her. ( and me).

On ones Birthday she would see to it that your bedroom (when we were little) was always decorated in Ballons and crape paper. Then as we got older it was just the door to our room. That you always had a birthday cake. YOu alwqays got to choose your favorite meal for the day. You got a gift to open. and it was your day. pretty much the one day a year i could do anything I wanted ( with in the rules or coarse) HA - HA but that's another blog subject.

You also had a birthday party, as little kids it was the family, aunts , uncles, cousins. Then as school age it was friends and sleep overs, Then as an adult it was dinner out. But she made sure you never spent your birthday alone.

When I was friends with my now husband birthdays were never celebrate in his house. Maybe because his mom was very shy and hated having people over or maybe becuase he was the youngest of 5 kids so by they time it got to him she was partyed out. When we were dating The most I got from him was a card. the first year we were married on my birthday I got one white rose. But since then I have bought and wrapped my own present each year, just so that when mom and dad came to visit they would see that he got me something. It's always been a joke that I laugh along with but I really wish he would give me a gift on my birthday. I know how much he loves to save money, so I am not asking for a new car or jewlery. how about some balloons or a letter he writes or something.

Ok I feel like I have to tell his side of the story too. When we were dating and he was in collage, for christmas one year he bought me a pair of earings. they were golden colored dangling earings in the shape of a cresent moon.
I hated them - I thougt they were ugly. BUt I asctted liked I loved them. they were the best gift I ever got. Then some time had passed and I told him I didn't like them. He has never bought me a gift since- don't you think after 18 years he would be over it and try again, but maybe I am a spolied brat, I was younger and didn't know what I had. I blame myself..

Well anyway like I was saying Birthdays are a very big deal to me and the build up every year is the same thing I get so excited and make all the plans for a great day and something goes wrong.

SO this year as much as I have tried not to be excited I can't help myself- this is a mild stone birthday for me and once it's over I can't ever have a do over. So Here's hoping for a great day- and nothing going wrong.

SpiceVarixBeast 60M
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3/30/2006 11:54 am

Happy birthday kid, hope it's a good one, no matter what! {=}

rm_xtreem247 56M

4/3/2006 7:38 am

Hi Red
Birthdays were the same for us when we were growing up. Everything from the decorations to choosing the meal to the party. They were great and my Mom saw to it that we felt special that day. It has carried on into how I view it today too. My daughter always gets the treatment, on Valentines Day as well. They should be a special day.
It's hard to imagine you not getting gifts, especially from your hubby. Your right, you think he'd be over it by now. A little communication goes a long way.

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