And now a message from our sponsors....  

trollgirl 47F
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8/14/2006 4:54 am
And now a message from our sponsors....

Ok, I know I have taken quite a break. Not that I wanted to...I have just been deathly ill. Ok, maybe not 'deathly', but definitely disgustingly. Stomach issues...and for those with weak stomachs...I will save you all the gory details. I haven't eaten in ummm, I think 5 days. I feel like shit but luckily I still have my sense of humor. Of course it seems to have gone over to the dark side since I have been sick.

I don't know if I have said before or not but I work in the travel industry...sorta. Anyway, now with the new flight restrictions, I have people prior to boarding the airlines giving me crap. I have tons of crap. Bottles of water, soda, lotions, oils (allright...some of this may come in handy in the future if I'm lucky ). Little pairs of scissors and tweezers. No one is taking any chances. It is sad and scary, but also funny as shit in its own morbid way.

Rita Rudner once said that she thinks that those oxygen masks they have on the airplanes are really just there to muffle the screams. I am starting to think that she may be onto something.

Be well

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