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6/1/2005 3:43 pm

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A week into my AF membership and my biggest surprise was someone thanking me for not having a pecker shot up... something about a bit of fresh air and something left to the imagination. Reading betwen the lines, it is safe to assume there are probably too many pecker shots out there and a possibility of meeting up with this member. Seriously, I took a looksee at some male member profiles and one guy had 12 pic's of his pecker.... almost a 360 degree photo gallery with pics from the top and bottom. Seriously, there is no point for this guy being on this site. No one is going to adore that thing as much as he does.

Anyway, a week in, and no big surprises...no internet urban legend stories.. just some people interested in see what is out there. I get the feeling there are more voyeur-curious , chat dirty, send a photo and let me kow what you think types out there than serious members that want to meet. It's still early but just a rookie's opinion. Well, more to come ... Thanks for reading.

Ladies... What does discreet mean to you. As one that places a high priority on being discreet, I would appreciate any input you would have. I met someone at a watering hole near the both of us. During that meeting, I visited the restroom. A few days later, the bartender at the bar who served us (and whom we share friends and colleagues) commented , "So you met that girl on line at a Adult website called AdultFriendFinder ?". I almost dropped my drink....he said she told him all about AdultFriendFinder while I was gone. He said our meeting was between us and I believe him but doesn't 'discreet' mean "this is between us" and not the bartender much less anyone else. Has anyone out there had there encounter(s) compromised like this ? just curious.


The term "no strings attached stricly physical"; does it carry different meanings to the male and female genders. I picked the brain of a few hetero males here and "long story short..." the consensus for men was find a hotel near a meeting place and after pleasantries, go at it, zip up, go home and get on with your day or night.

And ladies, what does "No Strings...no drama " mean to you. I for one would like to find a comfort level, break the ice, have some fun and then see if we connect on other levels... I ask because I would love to hear the woman's point of view.
Also, has anyone travelled far to met with an AdultFriendFinder member and how was the experience...Love to hear your story.

Merry Christmas everyone....scratch that.... Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings....must be politically correct or should I. Some seasonal comments on the holiday season. I am at the mall waiting patiently in line when the the cashier wishes the customer in front of me 'Merry Christmas". The patron proclaims, 'Don't assume I celebrate Christmas or I believe in your Christmas God.... That is impolite" as she grabs her holiday gift cards and storms off in a huff. First of all, I celebrate Christmas and I respect other peoples' holiday traditions. In fact, I think we should celebrate our differences and not just tolerate them. Having said that, the celebration of Christmas is part of the fabric of our Nations' birth. The founding fathers came to this land to among other things, flee religous persecution and excercise their religous beliefs...a primary component being the celebration of Christmas. Let's face it, our nations' founding fathers came from a Puritan Christian background and God was such an essential component of the fabric of the nation that it was stamped on our currency, "In God We Trust". Now, I am not of Puritan or of Anglo background but I understand the importance of our nations' religous background and beliefs and the desire to celebrate it. We have the freedom to excercise any religion we choose and that is our God given right...whoever your God is. But our nations' origin is a Christian one and is it too much to ask to acknowledge this by saying Merry Christmas to someone during this season unless you know otherwise about their religous preferece ? And by the way, the term holiday stems from the words " Holy Day " and goodbye stems from the phrase, " God be with you ". I just think we are too overly sensitive. We have freedom of speech but maybe we have so much to the point that one day, we can't use the term "goodbye" because it may offend some agnostic. Anyway that is my two cents.... Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and Happy Holidays to everyone else. Goodbye or "God be with You" unless you are agnostic, then I guess go ahead and bless yourself.
P.S. For those who think I am a radical, high strung, right wing American... food for thought...God is not a Republican, Democrat or Catholic; he is not even an American...Think about it. My best for all my networked friends and here to a happy and safe holiday season and may next year be your best year ever.

rm_bustylady69 51F

11/6/2005 8:47 pm

I have to say, yes too many pecker shots, this i must agree. Face first then work your way down, although it's sometimes nice to see what a girl is in for. When you meet the right person and things clic then it can go further. There is a lot of chatting, noticed most men what to have cyber or phone sex, neither which do anything for me. Prefer the real thing. I do like to talk on the phone and get to know you then hopefully meet and pray you are not a or killer with a psycho wife or girlfriend. When you find the right person it all works out, just have to weed through the weeds to find that one right bright special flower waiting for you. Busty

trojannc03 50M

11/30/2005 11:03 pm

Thanks Busty for the insight...great profile by the way...
It's been awhile since I joined and a couple of points to ponder....There are truly somee great people on AdultFriendFinder and have nothing but positive things to say about those in my network....Having said that, am I the only person that met up with someone who was not entirely upfront about themselves?. I mean If you are meeting someone for a drink and that someone introduces themself and you don't recognize her, that is probably not a good start. I understand there are certain "liberties" some take in describing themselves but age, height and forgive me... weight should at least be in the ballpark. Don't get me wrong, there are many shapes, sizes, ages, height, etc. that are beautiful and beauty is in the eye of the beholder but where does one cross the line to flat out lying. Does one expect that "well,we are already here, so let's make the most of it". Is only meeting with Verified members the way to go ?
Also, what's all the fuss about cybersex and talking dirty on the phone but no meeting. Am I missing something...Isn't there something to be said about personal interaction, rapport, or at least the presence of someone else in the room with you.

And ladies, one more thing...what do you prefer ? ... pecker and no face shots or body shots...action photos of guys doing what they enjoy doing. Should something be left to the imagination ? Now I understand that you want to know if all a guy has down there is "thumbs and knucles" before things progress, that's just fair. I am asking because I am always intrigued by the woman's point of view. That's it for now, thanks for the time and any feedback.

looking4hispanic 49F

7/22/2006 4:42 am

Hi, yes, you are so right about the pecker shots. I don't even review their profiles. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy them but its not the first thing I want to see. I on the other hand no what most men want to see, therefore I chose my shot accordingly. Also I prefer not to show my face so publically as I am not divorced yet.

I hope I here from you! You seem like a verrrrry interesting guy.

LadyButterfly05 59F

12/17/2006 7:49 am

Intersting blog even though it is a year later! As for those pecker shots, well I'd rather see your face first. Why? Because I am an eyes and smile kind of gal and if I see those first and they grab my attention, then I want to get to know you. I am NOT interested in getting to know a pecker because if that's what you want me to know first then that means you only think with that brain. And we all women know that men who think with their pecker only, do not have anything upstairs worth getting to know.

My profile says it all. I want to get to know you, see if we click and if we do then we can go from there and see where it can lead us.

As for discretion, well that women was an absolute idiot and I would think that you moved past her as well. If I were to meet you in one of your favorite watering holes, no one would ever know how we met. If someone was insistent well then it's either mutual friends set us up or if that line won't cut it, set us up! LoL

Because of the type of job I do, discretion is a must for me and I usually do not meet men in a place that I know my friends may visit. I like to meet in a mutually agreed upon place that is convenient for both of us, yet one that we would know that is safe and friend free. That way if we know it's not a click well at least we had a nice drink or dinner together and go our different ways. Unless of course we chose to get to know each other and begin the dating ritual.

As for NSA, I say to each their own but that is not me and I will leave it at that.

Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannaka, Happy Kwanza, Happy whatever it is that you celebrate during this season of recognized greetings. It's all good and since we all do not know what you believe in or not, it's better to be polite and just say "Thank You" when a clerk/cashier wishes you whatever they say during this season of blessings.

Have a wonderful and blessed holiday season and Merry Christmas to you!


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