Caught in the Act  

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Caught in the Act

Here is a little erotic story that I wrote several years ago. As they say in the movies, based on a true story! LOL actually I guess I took a fantasy and tried to make it seem real, or maybe I am hoping someday it will be real.

Getting caught in the act.

It has been a hard day, travelling always is so tiring. You go to an airport, get on a plane, leave an airport, visit 4 or 5 customers make presentations, go to a hotel, from the hotel you have to read and return email, listen to VM make calls, maybe get to sleep late, up early start all over again. This had been a brutal trip, on the road 3 days, how many places have I been? I've lost count is 4 airports in 3 days or 5. The only thing bright about the day is at least I know this Hotel, I can find it with out even thinking, which is good, my brain is shot, and I've got at least an hour of emails, an hour or more to redo the presentation for the morning. The hotel is decent for business travel, they have rooms like a suite, an office/living room area and a bedroom, with TV's in both rooms. That's good there is nothing worse than falling asleep in the bed with your laptop still running.

I check in, the usual hassles, they have booked in a double I want King bed, I can even get a pizza delivered, which is good I'm in no shape to go out to get anything to eat. The reservation clerk gives me my key and tells me my room number 415 and off I go to the elevator. I find my room no problem, open the door and go inside, set my suit bag down and my laptop in the couch. I can't see the bed but it sounds like the radio is on, the poor guy before me set the alarm clock for PM rather than AM, and is on pretty load it sounds like a rock station that will work. I start the usual routine, undo the tie, the shirt and the shoes off. Get out of my pants and hang the pants and suit on a hanger in the closet next to the bathroom. In to the bathroom and take a piss, and wash my face and back to the grind. I open up the laptop and start to get it plugged in to the phone and the jack. I am waiting for the machine to boot, sitting in the desk in my usual hotel work out fit, underwear, T-shirt and socks. I realize that mixed with the music is some other noise, maybe the maid or something left the TV on, but I hear moaning, damn if the left the damn porno station on I'll be charged for something I didn't even get to see. I get up to go to the bedroom.

As I approach the room, I'm sure it is a woman moaning, and it sounds like she is enjoying whatever is happening to her. Just about when I can see the bed, I also see that a woman's clothes are at the end of it, you know high hells probably a skirt or dress, on the floor. I realize that the moaning is someone on the bed, I peek around the corner and I see your. You are almost completely naked, except for what are a black garter, hose and one of those half bras that support your lovely tits beautifully. You don't see me because you are concentrating completely on what You is doing, which explains the moaning. You has your legs spread open and has both hands busy, and You is watching them satisfy yourself. You have a very large cock like dildo that you are moving in and out of your wet pussy, while the other hand is using a smaller gold colored vibrator directly on your clit. I watch almost sheepishly since, I don't want to get caught, just what I need to be arrested for being in the wrong room. I can hardly take my self away, I have a perfect view of all the action. You are lying on the bed facing me but are really concentrating on your business at hand. Your left hand is holding the vibrator on and around your clit You is moving it around, while your right hand on the cock like dildo moves it in and out of your wet and moist pussy. I am watching this women masturbating with such force, You is really enjoying it I can tell since I can see your face smiling, and your pussy is covered in your own juices. This is incredible my cock is just bulging in my underwear, I want to walk over and give you a hand fucking your pussy with that big cock like dildo. It feels like my cock is the size of that dildo, I have never been so hard in my whole life. What it's been how long and it feels like my cock is going to rip open my shorts. I don't want to stop watching but I know I must, I've got to make sure this is my room.
I check the key holder, it says room 415, and I open the door quietly and peek around the door. I can't very well open it and have someone see me in the hall with this raging bulge in underwear, I'd definitely be arrested then. The door says 415, damn know what? I close the door slowly and quietly. I know I should not keep watching but I can't stop thinking about the women on my bed.
I approach the room to peek in so as not to be seen. You are just about done I'm sure, I know I am about to explode and I've only watched you for a minute maybe two. Your tits are bulging up from your body even though you're nearly flat on your back, head resting on the pillows, the support from your half bra shoving them up. Your brown nipples are hard as I am I can see you are really getting close to cumming the cock dildo is moving faster now. I am just staring at your pussy, the dildo is moving faster in and out of your pussy. Your pussy is getting the whole length of the dildo on each stroke. The dildo is probably 12 maybe more inches, You pull it almost all the way out on each stroke and push it all the way to the base of the dildo. It has a bulge at the end which is what you're holding on to. The vibrator is not moving like before, it is now facing down to your pussy and is resting between your pussy lips. It has to be exactly on your clit, You are moaning louder. I realize that I've been staring at you for several minutes and I don't even no if you have seen me. When I look to your eyes, I can see you are looking at the same thing I am only your looking at down at the action, and you have a perfect view of it in the mirror.
I step back a little to so I can see the mirror, and to see what you sees. I don't realize it but you should have been able to see me where I was standing every time you looked in the mirror. It sort of registers that this was possible while I am watching your in the mirror. My cock is so hard, but what can I do? I know You is about to cum and I'll go back to my computer to act shocked when You gets done and comes out of the bedroom. I move back to my other spot, You are now staring in the mirror as you get ready to cum. I think you are watching what I am watching but what you are watching is me watching you. My cock is throbbing it feels like I'm going to cum right along with you. I watch as you finally reach climax, screaming so loud I'm sure everyone on the floor can hear. I step back from the bedroom and try and act like I'm working on my computer. I can hear your moans of after orgasm from the desk.
It feels like an eternity as I wait for you to get done. I want to release my cock from my pants and stroke the length of it. I want to do this so bad, but what would I say. Ohh I am just sitting working and masturbating, I am efficient that way, oh have you been here the whole time I didn't notice. Yeah right with a cock so hard it is almost purple.
I can't take it anymore, I've got to see what you are doing. I get up and walk to the door, trying to act cool if you come out, I'll act surprised. Yeah that'll work and I just happened to have a hard on standing 10 inches. I reach the spot were I can see and You have moved, you're not done yet. You have moved and are on your hands and knees and are working the dildo in and out of your pussy slowly. I can't believe it, how long can you go on. You are watching the action in the mirror, You lay down and reach for something on the nightstand, and it is another smaller in thickness but much longer and more flexible dildo. You start to suck on it and I can see the other dildo still stuck in your pussy. You rise back up on your knees and are now rubbing the new dildo around your ass. You are trying to get in but I can tell you're having trouble. My thought is to go over and give you a hand but I can't move. My cock is throbbing again and I know I am going to cum all over myself, right in my pants. I am watching you as you are getting the dildo in your ass but you are not able to get it in.
I hear you say, "do you always just stare at a woman who is having trouble and not help?" I can't believe it. I must be imaging your voice, you can't see me can you. When you say, "Please don't just stand there, I need you to help fuck me with these" I just stare not moving. When you say, "Look, I've seen you watching me, please give me a hand." As I walk over you rise up on all fours again and hand me the dildo you've been trying to stick in your ass. It is not very big around maybe an inch so it should fit nicely. "Please put that in my ass and fuck me with it, slow and easy, be gentle. And feel free to use the one in my pussy too."
I can not believe it your so lovely, as I start to gently move the dildo into your ass, I smell your sex. My cock is throbbing hard, just bulging in my underwear. I start moving it in and out of your ass a little at a time, I take my other hand and begin stroking the dildo in your pussy in long deep strokes. I hear your moans of pleasure, as I fuck you with both dildos. You say to me "just go slow with my ass, I can't take it any deeper than that OK?" I say no problem what ever you want and be happy to help you.
You reply "I'll cum pretty quickly with your help, so we can take care of that stiff cock in your pants OK?"
I mumble "uh yeah great". In my mind I am thinking I can't believe that I am fucking you with these toys, my cock is screaming let me out. My cock is throbbing and I'll be lucky to not explode in my underpants while I'm helping you masturbate.
You were right in just a moment your body is moving and writhing with pleasure as you cum. Rocking back and forth forcing yourself into the dildos as I stroke them in and out of your pussy and ass, you scream as you cum again, and fall to the bed. I pull the dildos out of your love holes and you turn to me and say "Let me help you with that." As you reach for my underwear and expose my throbbing cock from them. You pull them down and I step out of them and pull my T-shirt off as I move towards you. I figure I'm about to cum just from the touch of your hands on my cock. I say, "you are so beautiful, I hope you'll understand, but I am going to explode, and any second." As I stand facing you next to the bed, with my stiff manhood right in your face. You reply 'Let me worry about when you cum." With that you start licking my throbbing cock from underneath from the head to my balls. Your tongue teasing the length of my stiff shaft, sending shivers through my whole body. Your mouth moves to take the head of my cock in your mouth, moving it up and down my shaft. It feels incredible you are very gentle and your tongue is expertly licking my cock's shaft. Your mouth moves up and down the length of my throbbing manhood. You reach around for my ass with one of your hands and pull me to take all of me in deep in your throat with your other hand you caress my balls, squeezing and scratching them with your nails. This is it, my body is just losing complete control. I feel my body raging with pleasure, tingling, shivering, legs weak, total ecstasy. As you feel my orgasmic convulsions you roll around and turn face up, You take your hand of my ass and reach down to your pussy and begin touching it as you lick and suck my cock. I reach for your large, breasts busting from your bustier and caress them each with one hand. One because I can't hardly stand up from the ecstasy you are producing in me, and two because I have wanted to touch them since I first so you. I begin to moan as I feel my cock swelling with the orgasm, your tongue is now under my cock licking the bottom from the base of my balls to the very tip. As I begin to explode your hand wraps around my cock squeezing it hard at the base of as you lick quickly and stiffly at the very tender sensitive underside of the head. As I begin to ejaculate your tongue thrashes around the head and the tip, my hot load of cum shoots out from my throbbing cock, onto you. You are being covered with white cum, it is being shot all over your breasts as a squeeze them in my over powering orgasm, your tongue licks at the cum shooting from me, but it is just so much. I have never had an orgasm of this magnitude in my whole life, my body is wracked with spasms and my cock is throbbing like I've never felt as it pumps out my cum onto you.
As it begins to subside I see that I have covered your chest and some of your face with my white manhood. As I begin to recover, I say, "You are the most incredible woman I have ever meet, I am sorry about interrupting your self masturbation here." Which you reply "Don't worry I understand, but you'll have to help me finish myself with some more with these toys until I say you can stop. I expect you can manage that, yes?"

To say that the rest of the night was more incredible than ever would be an understatement.

rm_ccbottom2 67M

9/30/2006 10:06 pm

another great story,I think you are a very talented writer,keep them cumming,thanks...mike

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