Thinking of U  

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12/11/2005 1:24 am

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Thinking of U

I talked to you for a long time on the net then we said our ttyl's and let me tell you.....

I was so hot when I went to bed. I took out a few toys and with you still on my mind it all started.
I took off my shirt and began to rub and grab at my breast.I pulled at the rings that enclose my nipples and licked my finger then placed it back on my nipple and traced the edge's just enough to make them hard.I was thinking of your mouth over them. Lickin and suckin hard on them. I slowly moved my other hand down to my hot wet pussy, Still with you on my mind.I began to rub around my clit,not wanting to touch it just yet.
I slid down past my clit and then I started to play with my hole. I slowly inserted just the tip of my finger in and back out. Oh if only it was you I was feeling..
I took my finger back up to my clit and started to rub it harder and harder with every motion. I wanted you in me so bad. I took my favorite toy and began to suck on it so it would be nice and wet as I slid it in. I pushed it in and pulled it out as hard as I could.With my hips thrusting I began to feel the cum build up.
I stopped and pulled it out. Lifted one leg just enough to slide it into my ass. I placed it down onto my bed so I could just move and feel it. With one hand still on my breast I took the other toy and began to fuck my pussy again.
With every motion every thrust every time I pinched my nipple, I was sayin your name. Wanting it to be you in me and on me all around me. I could not stand it no longer. I had to cum. All over my hand.... I hope you can do that to me soon...

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