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treecatcher 66M
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6/29/2006 3:20 pm
know for the standard members

i am 54 years old. i am single and i live alone. to know me is know that i was burned in a house fire in '95. i have three skin grafts on my legs and ankles. i don't run any more but i do walk. after something that serious has happened in your life you really look at life in a different way. you try to enjoy it. you look at your life and say it is time to get on with it. but then you relise your life must waite you have a son to raise. then he graduates, and you say ok my turn, ah but waite you mom finds out that she has cancer and you become her care taker till she passes away. so finely i can try to start my life and find some one to share it with. so if yoiu want to know more try AdultFriendFinder or the imc here.

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