Dream 2  

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9/19/2005 10:18 am

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Dream 2

It was a glorious early summer day, bright sun, yet a soft cool breeze and a freshness in the air from recent rains. We had agreed early in the week that I was going to come to her place around noon; this was one of the days we generally were together, but this was earlier than normal, we usually had to wait for her to finish work and would get together in the evening and night. I always waited eagerly for these days to come; fore it meant that I would be with my lover, my sweet treasure once again. I would gaze upon her beauty, taste her sweet lips and body and we would drive each other to ecstasy, followed by sweet embraces, stimulating mental exploring and more erotic pleasures. These were the best days of my life. When I arrived at her house a small envelope was taped to the door bearing the greeting My Dearest... I opened the envelope to find an invitation enclosed. It said “Darling, join me today at a special place, follow the enclosed directions, you need not bring anything, I have everything we will need. Hurry darling, all of me awaits you.” I was both excited and a bit apprehensive at the invitation, but our intimacy had grown over time to implicit trust, so I decided to follow the map and find my fantasy lady.

The map led me to the country, down a rural dirt road far removed from everything until I came to a small turn off that led to a pasture that was guarded with a barbed wire gate. I drove to the gate thinking that I must have messed up on the directions, made a wrong turn or something, but decided to proceed through the fence on foot. Then about 20 feet in front of me, hanging from a low bush I saw a lavender ribbon gently rustling in the wind. I then knew this was the correct meeting place, lavender was my darling’s favorite color. She often requested that I gently tie her to our bed with lavender ribbons when I made love to her, and of course I would comply. This was a gentle reminder of her presence. In the distance, up a small knoll, stood a single tree, a perfectly shaped giant of a tree, spreading its branches wide over fields of breathtakingly beautiful wild flowers. The flowers were an explosion of soft and vibrant colors, they swayed erotically in the gentle breeze and there fragrance grew more intoxicating the nearer I came. Then once again I saw a piece of cloth hanging from a small bush … I went to the cloth item and found a small petite pair of panties, a silk thong, lavender as well with a see-thru lace butterfly embroidered on the front. I picked the panties up and brought them to my face, my darling had left me a treat. She had cum in the panties and left the wetness behind for me to find, I grew instantly hard from her scent … my pace quickened. Half way up the knoll I saw her … dressed in a long white sheer gossamer gown that flowed to her feet. The sun was shining behind her and I could clearly see the exotic curves of her body, her full breasts, her long luscious legs, the gentle curve of her hips and ass … she was a radiant beauty, standing sideways to reveal her full outline to me. As I grew nearer I noticed she was barefoot and she had braided flowers to make herself a crown and a necklace … she looked unbelievable ,,, radiant … royal … a goddess I slowed my pace to drink fully from the amazing scene. She held her hand up to me signally me to stop about 8 feet from her. She slowly unbuttoned the gown, first revealing her shoulders and then breasts and then letting the gown fall to her bare feet. Her out line was exquisite against the background of the flowered fields. She wore nothing but her crown of flowers and the braided necklace of flowers that flowed between her breasts. She turned slightly, revealing that her nipples were hard and taught and I could see the glistening wetness between her thighs, she had gotten herself ready for me, making her self wet through her own caresses. She placed one foot on the tree and revealed her sweet spot to me, beckoning me to come forward to drink of her juice. I fell to my knees below her and placed my tongue on her pussy, the feeling was electrical, hot sweet vibrations came from her, a deep throaty moan was released as I thrust my tongue in her to drink from her. She pushed me backwards, laying me on the ground and brought her pussy down onto my face driving me into her, moaning, grinding, and rocking back and forth. She pushed down harder on my face forcing me further into her pussy and harder into her clit. I reached up with my hand and caught her wetness on my fingers, then reaching behind her to stick then in her ass. She pushed even harder. Wetness was running out of her and onto my face, neck and chest. I forced my tongue to find its way in deeper while my other hand found her clit. I rolled her clit in my fingers and sucked her wetness while I finger fucked her ass. We went faster and faster and harder until she rose straight up and a deep moan burst forth from her and a great wetness came forth from her pussy and her ass and drenched me … and then I lifted her from my face and slid her down my still clothed body and held her as I felt vibration rock through her, mini orgasms quaking through her. She finally fully relaxed and laid upon my chest and my body, breathing hard. I felt her heart racing but beginning to slow. I reached down and found her wetness with my hand and took my fingers and out her juice on her lips and gently kissed it away. So sweet, so wonderful, so intimate. We still had not spoken yet we had fully communicated.

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