what is your time worth  

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7/24/2005 8:50 am

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what is your time worth

I have to admit, my biggest pet peeve is when my employer doesn't seem to value my time. This week is a case in point. I left home early so that I would no doubt deliver on time. I made my two stops on Thursday morning, called in for a dispatch and they gave me a load that didn't load until friday morning. I only logged 2 hours on thursday. After loading friday morning I put in a reasonable day stopping for the night in Winslow AZ. Saturday I drove to Salina KS arriving at around 4pm. My first drop is just a little ways from here on Monday morning so I have to sit all day today and wait. That makes 2 days that I have been at work, yet have nuttin to do, and I don't get paid for my time. That is 48 hours of unpaid time. It isn't like I can wander away from this truck while it has ice cream on it in this heat. I have to be here to make sure the unit keeps running properly.

It drives me nuts to just sit here, I have projects that need done at home. Hell maybe I'd just like to go to the river and spend time with family and friends. Funny, they are always perplexed as to why it is hard to keep drivers. It never dawns on them that they show how much they value them when they expect them to sit and babysit a load without compensation.

They should not have accepted this load given how the weekend was bound to interfere. They should have given me a load to the east coast so I could work as long as I am out here.

Ok, now I've vented about the biggest pet peeve I have regarding my work. How about some of you describing your pet peeves?

This is why I am on AdultFriendFinder, always hoping that I might meet someone to go have coffee, lunch, supper, a movie, or a walk with.

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