i hate revisions  

travlndog 59M
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3/6/2006 6:03 pm
i hate revisions

I was having a good day at work today until the brains of the operation came up with a revision on the control box. So I started opening up the boxes, taking the wires loose from the 110volt contactor and taking the contactor out. Replacing it with a 24volt, removing some relays and wires, and then rerouting wires. I got 12 of them done..... only 35 more to go!
Ok, now that I think about it a bit, things could have been worse. Had I not taken this job I might have been sitting in a traffic jam somewhere, or waiting on a shipment to be loaded, or had a breakdown in the middle of wyoming.
I'm getting a little restless. I do have an urge to just drive a tractor trailer someplace. It was always such a great feeling to roll down the window on the first warm days and just cruise the big road.
Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine today. I only got 15 minutes in the sun at noon and another 15 minutes at 3pm.
Those were some very welcome minutes tho. I was tired of looking in a box at wires.
Spent a hour outside with the dog. The training is coming along well although I don't expect much from him yet. Toward the end of next month the training will become more intense for him.

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