Take a Risk!!! Do You have the Guts?  

travelingintexas 42M
8/13/2005 3:07 pm
Take a Risk!!! Do You have the Guts?

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Today was bills day and I got to thinking as I poured over piles of paperwork and bills here...

I would rather have bad credit than no credit!

Know why that is? It means I tried! LOL I bet on black and it came up red! But at least I took a risk! I took a chance! Those with no credit are sitting there at the starting line!

I got to thinking... If I took a chance what do I have to show for my risk taking at 14%... Let's see: (Please add to my list...Stupidest thing you've put on credit is)

-George Foreman Grill
-Learn to Use Big Words CD
-Learn to speak a foriegn language (Only know 4 of the numbers)
-$2.46 at Taco Bell
-Money Management Books
-Fruit Dehydrator
-Toliet Paper
-Duct Tape

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