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travelingintexas 42M
9/28/2005 8:31 am

Pssst... when you are done reading this go here for a picture of Whatabigcockyagot!

Now.... 5er and I were talking last night. We have H.U.M.M.P. University. But what good is a University without wild parties, drinking, boobage and sex.

We expect this to be a little bit like the movie Old School. Seeing how we haven't done this in a while and we might be a little rusty.

H.U.M.M.P. U'S

So... I am the Godfather of this little establishment. We need to set up initiation rites, membership responsibilities and we need to see boobs. That is why we are here after all.

5er, for the purposes of this excercise will now be known as Frank the Tank and will be providing the beer bong and chips. Unfortuantly, he has been whipped and can no longer walk through the house fondling women to make sure the goods are real.

I am appointing KonKali as the official something or other. Primarily because she is in a position to be an enemy spy in her current position and can give us pointers. I need everyone else to chip in, help me come up with some ideas.

travelingintexas The GodFather
five_speed Frank the Tank
1hotwahine House Mother
Whips and Chains Lady
konkali Official Something or Other and Spy

definitetroubleOfficial Bail em Out Woman

Hot Women I just wanted to look at... All Texas Women. If not, they are inducted Honorary Texans.

Should initiation be in the way of a truth or dare game? LOLOL Help us out people! It's time to party!

rm_1hotwahine 64F
21091 posts
9/28/2005 11:11 am

I'll volunteer to be the House Mother that looks the other way and will let you know when the flashing blue lights are coming down the street.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

DefiniteTrouble 51F

9/28/2005 11:11 am

TTK - Tappa Tappa Keg

(smacks 5) Close your eyes! No that does NOT mean you can wander through the frat house blindly using your hands as guides! And please don't expect me to call you "Frank the Tank" out in the shed.

Where do I send my boob shots???

digdug41 50M

9/28/2005 11:50 am

trav your just simply nuts lmmfao I love that movie oldschool

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

ThumbChickStool 34F

9/28/2005 11:50 am

Send 'em straight to Trav and 5er, DT. Maybe it'll help Trav get his mojo back! And 5er just because he deserves 'em!

Trav, may I suggest a couple of nights worth of "research" at a real frat house? I used to live in the middle of frat row, but that was only for two weeks. So I think a refresher course might be necessary.

digdug41 50M

9/28/2005 11:51 am

trav your just simply nuts, lmmfao I love that movie oldschool

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

(Juan S)
2642 posts
9/28/2005 1:20 pm

HEY!!! I'm bringing two kegs to the party, but there will be no more of this Hinney touching banter... LOL. I have explained the situation in my new post... HEH HEH!!!

The truth about touching Traveling's Hinney

AmberSolaire 43M

9/28/2005 1:21 pm

Like all proper initiation ceromonies you need to

cane em
chain em
and roger them senseless

as you gotta share the showers with these buggers until graduation

DefiniteTrouble 51F

9/28/2005 3:32 pm

lmao sick would I be to send boob shots to my bro? That's why I asked where I needed to send them...duh.

And btw..."Thanks DTOX for coming up with a great name." (smack)

DefiniteTrouble 51F

9/28/2005 4:12 pm

I'll handle your Public, newspapers, panhellanic council, jail bonds...

ThumbChickStool 34F

9/28/2005 4:15 pm

There is no such thing as too old, it is officially being called "experienced". Besides, something tells me you'd fit right in.

Sweetest_Sin_Jes 38F

9/28/2005 5:45 pm

Um, I think if girls are gonna be showin' boobs, guys should be showin' boobs too...their man-boobs that!

*snicker snort giggle*


34andahalf4U 51M/46F

9/28/2005 11:34 pm

TiT, am I still official photographer ?

You know, this might be a fun group to make that may actually get some use.

happyf; happyf; happyf; happyf; happyf; happyf;

[size5]Hey, I brought some girls!!

RavishingRed1062 55F

9/29/2005 9:48 pm

LOL... too funny.. my boobs are in GREAT COMPANY.. I believe I could help out with any ... hmmm adjustments or nipple oiling.. or roughing and stimulalting of the boobage??? huh?? can I ??/ huh???

My girls are natural... and I got the 'hangage' to prove it Is that what "FRANK" got in trouble for? He can check mine out for real.. come on over

konkali 41F

10/30/2005 9:06 pm

I beleive we need to start with a round of "I have never!"
there will be initiation rites.. which means I get to ref!!

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