My Fantasy..... Dare You to Dream!  

travelingintexas 42M
8/13/2005 4:33 pm
My Fantasy..... Dare You to Dream!

As requested by czyswt1

It's quiet. So very quiet. It is dark. So very dark. The only thing that separates me from this alley and my sole fantasy is a locked door. However, being the former CIA agent that I am, I came prepared. My heart beats slow, steady. There is no pounding in my chest. No last minute rush of adrenaline as I stand out here in the dark. I check once more for any passing cars, nosey neighbors or small blinking red lights. I see nothing. Quickly, expertly, I force myself through the simple locking mechanism on the door, quietly open it, and slip through into the dark shadows of the backroom without making a sound.

It is here my obsession lies. Here where I can sense the very deep desire of my heart in the wind and very air of this place. They don't expect me. What a surprise when they discover I have been here and had my fill of what they offer. So sweet. Such an incredible taste. I can feel my stomach tighten as I think of the incredible pleasure I am fixing to partake in. The overwhelming indulgence of my hands and mouth. Now my hand trembles slightly as I slowly move across the pitch dark room to where the object of my lust lies in shadow. Even as I slowly, silently approach such beauty, I already anticipate the touch, the feel of all of it on my tongue. In anticipation, my tongue inadvertently runs across my upper lip and then absently bites my lower. My hands slowly flex open and closed as I sneak like a phantom across the darkened floor. Oh so very careful to touch nothing in the dark room.

Oh the pleasure I am fixing to consume, to take, to use for my own selfish pleasure and gain. Now my breathing increases and my heart rate picks up slightly. I am edging closer to where true pleasure lies. All the hours of planning, of needing of wanting of watching are encapsulated in this next few seconds. I can feel a stirring in my stomach and to the tips of my very nerve endings. I have imagined what is fixing to occur for days and weeks now. I can barely control the urge to reach out and take, to devour, to use. Silent steps across the dark room draw me closer.

4 feet. Now 3 feet. Now 2 feet.

My heart is singing. I am ready to take. To use, to need, to desire, to taste, to feel, to explode in incredible ecstasy in this darkened room. They have no clue what is about to befall them. Gorgeous. Perfect. Creamy and silken. Perfect, sweet and wet. Soon to not be imagination but reality. Silently, I slowly gather the final courage to take that last step to heaven. My heart now pounds and I can feel the blood stirring and whipping through my veins throughout my body. Moments now and I stand there looking down on the object of my affection that just lies in front of me unaware and waiting! Luscious in the darkness. Full and majestic. Moments from being devoured and unaware! I am fixing to take, to love, to destroy and plunder the very thing through which my hunger and need has called out to for weeks. But the darkness shouldn't hide my master plan. The lights should be flipped on so I can see every inch and detail of that which I am about to take and devour.

An unsteady hand reaches out slowly and finds the light switch. Once the lights are on I will have very little time. I will have to move quickly but expertly to take what I want and need. I brace myself and reach out and flip the switch.

Before me stretches all 31 flavors of ice cream. Its the middle of the night and it is just me and all 31 flavors and my favorite spoon. Wooooo Hoooooooo Let the devouring begin.

Go away, this is my fantasy.

Di47Him51 64M/60F
42 posts
8/13/2005 5:38 pm

YIPPEE! Loved it! Well done.

czyswt1 39F

8/13/2005 11:25 pm

Hehe, you go to Baskin Robbins?

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