Alan Greenspan Cuts Pimpin' Rate By $25 Per Trick  

travelingintexas 42M
8/17/2005 8:50 pm
Alan Greenspan Cuts Pimpin' Rate By $25 Per Trick

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Washington, DC -

Testifying before Congress today, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said that growth in the sex industry was 'probably very close to zero' for the month of July and stated the Fed would immediately cut the pimpin' rate by $25 per trick.

"If the sex-for-hire industry goes into recession, can any other industry be far behind?" Greenspan asked Congress.

"The Federal Reserve board is taking steps to prevent the slowdowns in the sex industry from dragging down the rest of the economy. The transition from a dotcom-based economy back to a blowjob-based economy will be a difficult one. However, I remain confident that this period of slow growth will not become a recession."

"Further rate cuts can and will be made as warranted," he added.

Wall Street applauded the move, hoping that a rate cut would help improve consumer confidence, acting as a boost to the sex industry, and also boosting income to bitches and hoes.

Barbiebunny69,( Barbiebunny69 ), owner of Ho's In Peters Garden, the leading supplier of Bubble Gum Smacking ho's to home improvement centers, stated this move could only be good for her bottom... Ummmmm... Line. "While we like to go down, we ummmmm, don't want to go down, ummmm like that. Cause going down, while good is bad. Smack!"

However, some economic analysts suggested the long-expected rate cut had already been factored in to market performance.

Travelingintexas,( Travelingintexas ), chief money market economist at Dean Twitter, said the expectation that the Fed might cut the pimpin' rate may have been a factor in 30-year-bonds underperforming.

"We've had a pronounced retrenchment in the bond this year, despite friendly developments like cheaper blowjobs, coupled with dropping prices on 'me-love-you-longtime' style-service'' he noted.

Pimps were not unified in their support of the measure, although many acknowledged something had to be done to increase demand.

Talldarkavg1,( [blog talldarkavg1] ), a pimp in Mishawaka, Indiana, criticized the move.

"I agree with the Fed that something has to be done to increase demand, but I feel a $25 per trick rate cut is just too high. I say, cut it $10. That's enough. I can use that extra $15 to offset the recent price increases in spandex."

"This recession comes at a difficult time for me personally, because I've recently implemented a just-in-time inventory system at TallCo's Bitch Warehouse. But I'm hoping to make it through this ho-slowdown and remain profitable," he said.

The Federal Reserve Board meets next on September 23th.

Barbiebunny69 44F

8/18/2005 2:40 am

Definately a Ho-down. I knew this would happen after greenspan visited the Bunnyranch and was laughed at by one of the inexperienced young girls that had no idea who he was. I gave him a rain check but he obvously besmirched by the whole situation....Traveling, we gonna see ya same time as usual after your starbucks run dearie pie?

rm_talldarkavg1 106M
10172 posts
8/18/2005 5:49 am

(leaning on hood of pimpmobile) Word

[blog talldarkavg1]

rm_talldarkavg1 106M
10172 posts
8/18/2005 4:31 pm

Ah traveling...ever try to find somewhere for the dingleballs on a tractor? I'll stick with my Edsel!

[blog talldarkavg1]

Barbiebunny69 44F

8/18/2005 9:10 pm

MM Carrot cake.....Purrr... Yeah U can talk about your dingle balls all ya want...I gots pink furry dice in my pink cadillac and a hula hoopin jeus statue hanging 10 on the dash!

sweetthang2877 41F
534 posts
8/18/2005 10:43 pm

When I regain my composure from laughing my A$$ off, I'll post a comment!! LOL


P.S. Traveling, you can thank your comments on TDA's blog for bringing me here! I saw a great sense of humor, but I guess that was an understatement!! Keep me laughing!!

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