Time is going fast, here in the states.  

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8/7/2005 5:04 am

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Time is going fast, here in the states.

It's Saturday morning 0640, and I'm getting ready to go to bed. This routine of just going out bar hopping is getting old. It was fun in Germany, Sicily, France but here it's just drink, and drink fast, times almost up, curfew at 0200, bar closes.

Okay, let try this. I just moved to a new place in Mannhiem Germany. I went to a local bar, spoke very little german at the time. I ordered a bier and talked to the bar girl. I talk to guy next me, and pretty soon talked to mostly everyone in the bar. (In germany there is really no drinking age, just proper conduct of yourself). The bar had the age range of 14 to 40 year olds. Age was never a issue, only proper conduct and interesting talk. Other than that, people didn't give a shit, who you are. As long as you can keep the conversion interesting.

That's what I'm searching for in a pub or bar here in the US. That, and something that stays open pass amercian curfew of 0200.

Next, I'll talk about how the american cell phone companys are screwing every US citizen. Compared to how European get FREE incoming calls all the DAMN time on their cell phone. AND EVERYONE who's ever travel knows it all true.

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