For all you guys out there  

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6/20/2006 8:26 am

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For all you guys out there

Ok so I wanted to share something with the guys that I think is very important.

I love sex! I love every aspect of it. The way it makes me feel, mind, body and soul.

There are different types of sex and so I'm going to break them down for you and maybe some of you can get a clue and start actually pleasing me for a change. {=}

There is your basic sex. Some kissing, some petting, maybe 2 positions and you're done. There is nothing wrong with this kind of sex. Sometimes is just what you need to make your day.

Then there is fucking. No kissing, no petting just fuck and finish. This is usually done in the doggie style position. Its ok. Mainly is used to please a man and nothing else. Banging a girl as hard as you can is ok for a little while but you have to realize that it can hurt. Some women are have shallow vaginas and when you bang on it and hit the bottom that can get really painful also if we start to get dry, its very painful. Dont be afraid to use lube, lube is your friend.

There is rough sex. This includes but isnt limited too, hair pulling, face slapping, dirty talking, name calling, raw dawg fucking (anal is appropriate durint this time). There is kissing, there is oral, there is lots of passion and lots and lots sweat. If done properly, both parties will be spent when the nite is over.

There is slow, sweet, sensual, passionate love making. (Most guys arent comfortable with this because it implies "love" but it really has nothing to do with Seduction and stimulating the mind is also a big part of this. The more passion you have the better. Pay attention to detail. Kiss the lady from head to toe, make her feel special and in return she will take care of you.

And lastly there is your tap and go. Its just like it sounds. You cum and you go. Whatever it takes, you git-r-done. Its ok, it serves it purpose and you both know that no matter what you will never see that person again.

Well I hope Ive helped at least one guy. That guy might be doing me next and I'm tired of bad sex.

LookandWink 64M

6/22/2006 10:58 am

Speaking for guys in general, thanks for the advice. I know some men are asses, but others are good lovers. Like anything else in life luck and karma sometimes helps you meet the perfect person!

As for me, basic, fucking, and rough sex have their place, but I prefer to make love. I get more excitement from feeling my lover cum. To me, if I can't please her it isn't good for either of us.

Just my view. Happy Blogging. Stop by and say hi sometime.

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