Hi,,,,Welcome,,,,Summer 2005  

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6/12/2005 2:07 am

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Hi,,,,Welcome,,,,Summer 2005

Well I'd have to say AdultFriendFinder is a great site to look at photos of everyday people.
I have to wonder thought about their 'accounting practices'. They have 'a-bizillion members' ,then when you do a browse of a group, in a state, they have 3,894 members,, then you look at the profiles there are about 85 Gold, 60 Silver and 120 standard "CURRENT" members the rest are out dated or even deleted.

My findings:
have been 98% of standard, single female profiles are fake, just spammers tring to get your email. Hint: if the photo looks like a modeling agency photo,,its a spammer.

College GIRLS ,,are just looking for college boys who have souped-up cars that they'll look good in while driving around campus,,,,,,,

College WOMEN ,,,are 28 - 40 years old ,also have either a full/part-time job,, and kids (ie: no time) They're online 2 days a week for 1/2 hour each time. They send out 5-10 emails, to diff people,, saying "lets meet" just so they can get back 5-10 emails. ( I guess the getting of emails gives them a feeling of self worth) You then play 'e-mail tag' for 2-3 weeks trying to meet, but every time 'something comes up'. After that they stop writting back or answering, (because they sent out a NEW batch of 5-10), even thought their profile shows when they were online last.

Of all the people who have written saying "We'll be in your area the NITE of " and wanted to meet not one has ever showed up,,,BUT ALL the ones who wrote saying "We'll be in Myrtle Beach THE WEEK OF, lets meet" have all showed up

Married Couples (who are married 10+ yrs) are the greatest,, they know what they want, they want to have fun,, no hang ups,,If they say lets meet they mean lets meet. They are the happiest people around.

I work,,A-LOT,, busy doing something every day,,I don't get online every day because this is not my Main goal in life, so I don't spend 4-5 hours online every day,,,,But there must be a lot of people who do because they always live 3,000 miles away and want to chat and write long distance. Write to say Hi,, send a nude photo, I write back saying thanks,,,,and leave it at that.
Wow,,didn't know I could be so cold.

I've played a lot of e-mail tag with no end result,, even with local people. Some have written saying lets meet tonight 7pm,, well that goes back to that working alot,, If I know a few DAYS in advance,yea, meeting could happen,, but not spare-of-the-moment.

Now I HAVE MET SOME GREAT PEOPLE HERE! I even get to go to Fayetteville for some GREAT PARTIES every month,, thanks guys,, you're the Greatest.

I'm just looking for down to earth, head on straight, who enjoy sex,,,, fun people.

I love women,, I love running my hands all over their smooth bodies, feeling the heat of skin to skin contact. The Kissing their necks and nibbling their ears,,, licking and sucking their nipples and tits as their ........

I guess I'll do more later,,,,,,,,take care

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