House Cleaning  

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4/23/2006 6:23 pm

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House Cleaning

Well Lint has had time to recover from the "Weekend Party" Bummer that no Hot Lint Chicks came to party, But there is always next week. In fact got a meeting this week with one of the "Master's" on how to score.

Anyway, today was cleaning day around the place. Can anyone tell me why someone can say anal and I get all excited,thinking of a little finger action in the arse, and maybe a little rimming with the tongue.

But, Say "Clean the toilet" and we have a five alarm fire drill with your hair standing on end.

Don the "Heavy" Duty Cleaning Gloves Up To The ELBOW kind. Grab the 3 foot scrub wand with disposable head , so we can reach from the bedroom.

Spray, Foam, De-lice, Bleach and three other cleaners that work "so you don't have to" kind of sprays and hope it ends soon.

Of course, drink two beers afterwords, because you did it. You cleaned the bathroom. Whaahoo!!

I am the Lint Man!
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May all your tumbles be on automatic,

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