Another Day  

toys2us 59M/59F
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4/26/2006 7:04 pm

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5/19/2006 9:29 am

Another Day

Well the day looking for a J-O-B, did not end very well. I seem to have to much experience, not enough, too much lint, not enough lint. Looking for toe lint and I got belly button, you know never just quite right.

But, I did get a lead for tomorrow, so maybe it is my day?

I am sure with my new look and getting a JOB, the Hot Lint Chicks will soon be knocking on the Warm Dark Hole....hehehe

One last note, I got this email from a chick named "Barbie", seems she is tired of someone named Ken and wants to know if I am interested? I said, send Face Pic's and I will see?

Til Next Time,
Set your tumble on any that you can,

rm_sj365 56F
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4/26/2006 8:16 pm

funny, silly, different... i like lint man, hes kinna cute

toys2us replies on 4/27/2006 10:08 am:
Thanks, "Cute", now ya got the Lint's attention, if only you were a lint chick.

GB_Cple 67M/56F  
3113 posts
4/26/2006 11:11 pm

Welcome to Blogland ,

nice blog , funny

toys2us replies on 4/27/2006 10:09 am:
Thanks for the kind words. *Must be the new hair do*

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
11240 posts
4/27/2006 12:45 am

hopefully you'll have something soonish

gud luck

toys2us replies on 4/27/2006 10:10 am:
I am on my way to the interview, will keep you posted. Thanks Goddess

Kaliedascope61 42M
4084 posts
4/27/2006 4:39 am

I wanna interview the lint man!

toys2us replies on 4/27/2006 10:12 am:
Interveiw? WOW, what a honor. Will I have to dress up? *breathmints added to grocery list* Thanks!

rm_abutoo2 45M
1078 posts
4/27/2006 10:02 pm

too funny

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