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So I met up with this guy whom I had been chatting with for a while on here. Previously I had told him that I wasnt looking for the one night stand type of thing. So one night I'm online chatting with a couple of friends on yahoo messenger & their telling me all these diffrent stories of their sex lives so he pops up (literally) and asks how im doing. One thing leads to another I'm already all hot and bothered and I end up at some seedy truckers hotel near by with this guy who by the way is a total virgin about to have sex with him. after the initial nervousness surpasses we are naked. So he prcedes to go down on me and he pops back up like your bleeding. I hop out of the bed run to the bathroom scream and nearly pass out from the sheer humiliation of it all i come out of the bathroom and hes getting on my nerves asking all of these questions that a man 3 years older than me should know and im trying to get dressed so I can get the hell outta there. By this time hes like well im horny and hard as chinese algebra why dont we do it anyway. So we end up on the carpet of all places and hes fidgetting with his penis and my pussy trying to figure out how and where to put it. Once we get to an actual rythim I notice that he is quite larger and has a very nice stroke. But to all my adoring fan no he still was unable to make me orgasm from penile stimulation. Since then we met at the motel and had great sex and he loved my oral (or is it that it was his first time) but needless to say I had to stop because he was beginning to think that whenever he saw me online meant that it was time to have sex. And although the sex was good I am on a never ending quest to find someone to make me climax from their penis. TTFN(ta ta for now!)

*Ms. Belle*

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7/17/2011 8:29 am

I'd love to help you in your quest!

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