will you pretend or actually face reality  

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4/26/2006 8:37 am
will you pretend or actually face reality

We face many personal preference and condition of thoughts about what we want "for love", and what we want "in love", and what we even want .. "to love"..

while we go thru the thou8ghts that keep us farther from love, if we look about the world, at the storms, the earthquakes, the tornado's, the tsunami and the floods.. and see lives torn aprat in every concievable way.. and people stripped of the basic elements of survival, of food, water and, shelter. Still we have such of vain consumption that keep us from giving love, sharing love, and even allowing ourselves to be loved.
there is such a fear surroundg the big question that seems to be prevasive in this site as about the world... of " fears and apprehension about whether someone want's sex or not".. when the simplicity of the reality is.. sex is a natural desire..and will forever be so.
On one hand people want to attract it, then deny what they desired to attract, people want to use it, when they want to use it for what they want to use it for.. and get pissed when someone beats them at their game..
this goes for the emotional on and off games that are played out millions of times a day..
people looking for a challenge, then being pissed because when they are tired of being challenging and challenged, then they want to be loving and loved.. but neither.. knows how to pull up the "white flag"... but why not meet on appreciations grounds, on respect's turft.. and in honesty's reality.. it's really up to the individual in determining what their life entails and what they find themselves encircled within.. so truly blame no one.. and be of one's responsible self to be honest, to be wise, to be aware, and to be conscience of what your actions bring back unto you..

If we look at the Tragedy in life... take the US for instance..

"Yet many residents seem to believe the United States is too sophisticated to lose hundreds of people to a hurricane, said Craig Fugate, Florida's emergency management chief."

''I think there is a tendency to think that can't happen in the United States,'' he said. ''I think Katrina demonstrated once and for all that even in the 21st century, these storms are deadly and at your own peril do you choose to stay behind and take a chance that you're smarter than the forecast.''

this is no different than for China, Japan, Mayalasia, Europe and all across the world..

and not just of the storms and natural tragedies, but the social tragedies.. of storms in relations, floods of pains and disruptive emotions, earthquakes of the fears, evil actions and vengeful motives,and the tsunami's of fad's and others sweeping addictions and delusions..

Facing realities,... we either do.. or we at your own peril, choose to stay behind,( in the cycles of madness and insanity) and take a chance that you're smarter than the forecast. not just about the weather.. but about the forecast of emotional and social erosions that devestate the social factor.''

are we really aware...? it's a choice we must make.. in our living.

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