of what .. do you declare in being a man ?  

touch197 63M
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4/27/2006 11:05 am
of what .. do you declare in being a man ?

I can say... in certainty... of whom I am, what my heart lives... and my life encompasses..

A woman who stand face to face with me ... open in heart and true to what is life, and what is the vastness of love..

Will surely find in sharing such with ma...
A lifetime, even in the briefness of moments...
Something of love and reality... that free's her soul, and embraces her heart... that her joys can be jubilant.. in doing what is of herself.. that fulfills... her core hidden aspirations to ... lobe and be accepted in the all ... of whom she is..

i hold no secret that I see such woman.. i hold no shame to desire such woman... and I hold no reserve to embrace such woman..

but I do hold respect of such woman... in my heart and throughout my life..and within my living..

I hold the comfort in my ways words and actions.. that gives her the surety... that secures of her safety of heart.. That she may let it be known and shared freely...
In my knowing.. This is of her strongest desire..
To be loved by a man of such being.. that she may be of all that which of woman she is..

For a fool, who may read this with thoughts of ego vanity and self consumption, they would understand not... the meaning of these words.. nor this expression..

But any who has know, do know and seek to know and become of realness with what is truth..
Shall... in themselves find a respect of these words. and this expression..

for I think not to be of singularity as some vain thought of being a gift to women. in the context of some player mentality, not some buffoon of a delusion..

But.. in knowing what... it is of being .. a man... and presenting myself as such... and declaring .. my adherence to such divine grace to honor the integrity of what is a man... given unto males ... to be of such... and I accept it with grace... in and of .. and to be a man.

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