What Real ??? is it you  

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4/24/2006 8:59 pm
What Real ??? is it you

I joined an Adult site, and the openess is much different and naturally expressed.. with people, just being natural and expressive individuals, talking about things they like... and open to actually do it.. and let it become what it is.

It's rather interesting, the contrast...I see from people in some other sites, falling in and out of wht's suppose to be love, but it fades in and fades out.. before they actually know each other and what their desires are...
When truly... I'd like to have someone and some friends that can share and do things, but it can be a good friend, that can share life and natures expressions...and let it become what it may.. and leave the dishonesty out of it..and just have and share appreciations for things liked and enjoyed..
"wherever there is understanding, beauty can live there, and appreciation can flourish."

I think some of the problem is people make promises so quick, they don't have time to think... and then, they fade away and get tense and tight and fearful and many other things, then they become distrusting..angry and friendships are broken.. that could have survived, as friends with or without passionate intimate sharing... if only honesty... was expressed.
I'd much rather have a woman that is a good friend, who can share some passions,pleasures,compassions and understanding, and let things be non contentious and non pressured to become anything in particular, other than natural appreciations...and good friendships.

I think sometimes we as people are so love starved in the essence, that sometimes we make commitments before we are ready, for fears of loosing the accessibility of assocciation and relating.. and people feel hurt..
so it's a good thing to be open and honest..and enjoy the company of each other as that come to be. and as long as each know they can call the other, and when it's mutual in time arrangments..they can have fun.. and share some wonderful moments...

but... there are many things ..in life.. that..we deal with.. in many different ways..

some play the love game, when they don't intend to devote in love to another, to appear and come across as being of a non sexual motivation, but when the sensuality fades... most of the warmth is gone... and people part.. generally, some feels they have been taken for granted.. that does not have to be if people talk, appreciate each other.. and enjoy their sharing..
so why make it more than it is, until it becomes what it is.. and then both will certainly know...
until that time.. a good friend is a wonderful thing to have.. and someone that can share the warmth, the desires and the passions.. and treat each other as individuals.. respecting the space of life of each other..
that may remove some of the jealousies and problems that arise.. and then each is free to make a choice one way or the other..if it comes to that.. without feeling pressured one way or the other.
even then if they part, or cease the intimacy and pleasurable experiences of sexuality graces.., they can remain friendly...

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