What's with the women on this site  

touch197 63M
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4/22/2006 10:48 pm

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4/27/2006 11:07 am

What's with the women on this site

Is this mostly just a tease, or is it any substance to the desires they express..

I'm interested in women who actually are open to do what they say, rather than to live an a fantasy world.. when fantasies can be made real..

it amazes me, that women who exclusively seek women are more proactive, I'd like to see that in all the women who express this open mind expressions and say they like variations of much.. I'm a guy who treat women right, with respect.. which makes room for any and all creativity that she can imagine to want..

what's the reluctance in this site..
is it for real of just a tease game..that want's to lure men into web sites, to pay and join... to be played and suckered.. I'm looking for women who are real and honest ...otherwise.. what's the point.
if you can hang and live in that space of real life shaing.. then I'm a guy who's interesting and interested..

some claim they don't want head trips... then I'm here without any... where are you?

sfvppl818 51M/51F

4/22/2006 11:39 pm

Ode to Occam's Razor: maybe they aren't interested?

touch197 63M
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4/23/2006 7:41 am

that's reasonable

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