Try your best..  

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4/26/2006 12:54 pm

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Try your best..

Try your best.. and you always get better at what you do..

if more people just make an effort to try.. to write what you think.. or at least try and make a comment as best they can... they would be amazed, that people appreciate it.. and no one is criticizing how well or not they can write english or what ever language.. just try...
because some blogs.. are asking for comments... just in what's written.. who know.. any persons' comments can help another and maybe make the day for someone else who reads it..
but I do wish more were braver... to make comments .. so we can see their views and learn from them... as well as write their blogs..
Toukki... talks to us daily.. make us laugh, think and feel.. (hopefully she does not mind me referring to her as an example..) lady list many blogs.. in chinese.. some my computer translates, some it don't..) don't know why..[is there some forms of chinese character that are of a different dialect?..if someone could asnwer ithat.. maybe it would explain why .. some translation just turn to another form of chinese instead of english??? puzzling) .. anyway..we enjoy her expressions...and of the many many people who write.. we laugh, we feel compassion, we get frustrated, we get happy, we feel loving.. and so much.. that these writing can make us feel along with the comments..
me personally... i'll think about anything..mostly.. but I avoid letting my thoughts run into elobarating on violent things agansit other.. and greusome activities... that's just things I'm not too. into..
I can understand that it's hard I guess for many people to write, when they are afriad of their ability at english.. but I would like them to know it's ok.. try as best as you can...and we will work with it... and find some understanding of what one has to say.. It's just life.. and it's a one time shot.. moment by moment...we don't get to re-live any moment that has come and gone.. so make the most of the one's that are available... and express.. whatever...!!!! it's all life... and we are living it.. cyber is just as real as anything else.. cause it's real people who are expressing..

hope this helps those who may feel afraid, or challenged or uncertain..
your points matter... and you matter.. and it's your world too..
let us hear from you.

we come to know you.. when you blog with us.. and comment on blogs with us.. that's how we all get to know and really feel each other...
profiles are fine for intro background.. but blogs let us know whom you are and what you think and feel..
that makes this so much more real and have a personal it..

me personally...when I write something... and someone does not like it or agree... it's fine.. because they will definately open my eyes to think more, see more and learn more.. and even..prompt me to express more in detail for clairity and understanding.. which i'm always willing to do...
I know.. I can count on Dark and voo doo.. to catch me .. if i ruffle their feathers... ... and in the process.. learning increases..
so it's great.. I don';t expect everyone or even most of the people to agree with me on all the things I i write freely what my feeling feel.. to be made my expressions.
"today... I guess you can tell.." that eroticism of nature touches my tthoughts... in my blog.. "body kissing" .... it's real... i'm sure other's get their eroticisms of moments as well..those who don't... I'd be interesting in know why not??? )

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