Segeration and the silliness of Prejudice  

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4/26/2006 8:55 am

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Segeration and the silliness of Prejudice

these factors have such a negative impact on people appreciating people that it's purely insane in the 21st Century... as the mentaility of some remains caught up in the 16th to the 18th century... when the 20th century, had enough turbulence in efforts to try and bring people together.... and many people made great strides thru many pains to make it a world of just people... but then there is the silliness of Segeration, prejudgments, and social class delusions, that still seperate people... and many prehistoric clinging to some traditions that were actually born more of fear and ignorance, and generalizations than of fact and substance..

and the silliness of this is so very evident... when money comes into the picture... all of a sudden.. the color of money... over-rides all those hard clinging segerations bs and prejudice bs... and people will then look at people as people.. mainly because of a pursuit of self gain..
the values of much is distorted... and all this negativity that still is seeking , finding and creating .. reasons in the core of many to cling to the prejudices that they are afraid to shed, "without" reservations..

One cannot even shake a drug addiction, nor alcohol addiction if they cling to any category of reference to the substance... and it's the same principal about people..
if you hold prejudice against any one group.. then you will find situations and resasohn to transfer that onto another group at some point and time, or situation..
It takes a great deal of intellectual usage within self to become non prejudicial against the race and ethnicity of any and all people. and some are not up to the task

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