Loving you  

touch197 64M
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4/26/2006 1:25 pm
Loving you

Loving you can be easy..it's a matter of simply seeing you through eyes of appreciations...with patience to be understanding... it can be ever so filled with ease, just by talking and sharing what makes us individuals...touching your world, you touching mine..and us touching each other's world.. and then we will know the beauty of sharing life and living..
Loving you can be easy..with the willingness, to put the work into what is love..
As love is work and work is love...yet it's a simple matter of giving, sharing and knowing the greatest thing in life we can do is give our efforts into loving and making living a loving experience..
It may sound like fantasy.. but isn't fantasy the magical moments that lives harmonize ...
it's always something to work and find terms and balances that work.. and sometime it's not always a 50/50.. but all the time it's 100%.. even when one gives more than the other, as long as when it's each turn to give more.. the heart knows that it's worth it.. to make it work out for both..yes.. it's a delicate thing...loving you...
And it's as much a part of loving me .. to be loving you...and helping each other see more of what there is in loving of self.. that give so much more to share with each other..

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